Shanghai Weblogger Meetup – Feb

I am happy to meet K W (blog://K W in Shanghai). We talked about his first impression of Shanghai: “Not so boomed city with crazy taxi drivers.” :-)

Michel also blogged about the event. I am so happy that some one use eloquent to describe me (when I am talking in English). :-)

I missed Maria‘s other four cats who were sent to others. But I enjoy the drinks and the place as such as the previous meetup.

It was a great time to chat with Tek, Vicky, Lucy and others who attended the meetup. To view the same city in a traveller’s view or expat’s view help me to be more senstive, cheerful to stay in the city.

I LOL when Tek shared his story with Wendy – as a native speaker of English, he went to Jin Men of Hunan Province to teach English, but he really had hard time to communicate with the local English teachers. That is the reason why students studies English for 12 years but still cannot communicate with foreigners. :-D

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