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It is prooven that professional web hosting like iPowerWeb is really better than the hosting environment at my home :-D and better than my previous hosting company. I was suffering for server down [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] at the begining of 2004. Then I migrated the server to professional web hosting service. The cost doubled but the result is better than tripled. I checked the availiablity report today and the result is not bad:


From the table, we can clearly see since April 2005, my server was not restarted so the uptime continued to grow. Before the migration, the uptime was in a mass, as shown in the number – the 90 day average never reached 15 days. :-(

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  1. Wang Jian Shuo,

    I’ve had a domain with iPowerWeb for several years now that I use for my personal sites, image storage, ect. Would you recommend going with a service like that instead of one based here in China? I’m currently living in Wenzhou and would like to register a domain and create a basic web presence for the company I’m working for. I’ve had such a positive experience with iPowerWeb in the past I’m tempted to stick with them, but thought that there might be some cheaper alternatives here in 中国. Any insight?

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