Audio on Air and Photo to Print

Pacific Time finally broadcasted the second piece of my audio blog in America. Visit this page, check the last link and click Listen (segment) to listen that piece of program. I guess it is the second part, but marked as the third part by some reason.

The previous part was on air on Dec 20, 2004. I guess I need to continue to improve my oral English to pronounce the words more clearly. The next time, I will try to talk as slow as possible. I love the music I recorded on the street. Thanks again for Nina and Amy to make it happen.

A Photo of Me?

Lisa had an interview of me on the new generation of car owners in Shanghai in Nov. I got the letter today asking for a corporate portrait photo to go with the article. It may be published on the April issue of the WIRED magazine. Well. I have about 10000+ photos but very few of them have me on it. Among the few photos, it is not easy to find one. If you have the experience to find one to be published on a book or magazine or corporate intranet, you know the feeling. Which one is better? I really have no idea. So I asked Wendy to help me when she is back from her trip to Beijing.

Xie Fang

Xie Fang let me know his new website at Among all my friends, he is so unique. He quitted his job in Microsoft and went to a university to be a teacher.

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