Chun Lian Started to Appear

The Spring Festival of 2005 is coming! I started to see Chun Lian in my client’s office and in the restaurant I visited today. Chun Lian can be translated into New Year’s Couplet. It is one of the most obvious parts of the Spring Festival celebration.

I hope the Chinese tradition continue to come back to families in China. I like it. I am obviously more happen to see the Spring Festival decoration than those for Christmas. I don’t mean to offense Christmas, but for people in China, Chun Lian has much tigher culture connection with people here In the previous years, people seem to celebrate Christmas more seriously than the New Year’s Day (Jan 1).

I like the city of Chengdu very much because the Chinese traditions are preserved much better than other cities. Regarding the folk tradition, it seems to be that it is even better than Beijing. There are even newly built pure traditional houses developed by modern real estate companies. It is very impressive.

I decide to celebrate the Spring Festival with the Chinese tradition and take the Spring Festival of 2005 more seriously than ever. I believe that returning to the tradition is part of the way to cure the ethical problem.

8 thoughts on “Chun Lian Started to Appear

  1. What is Chun Lian (or Chuan Lian)? You mention it as a big part of chinese culture but fail to describe what it is.

  2. As mentioned, it is a Chinese couplet, two lines of verse, equal in length and with rhyme, always in the words of greeting and happiness.


  3. Jian Shuo,

    Can you tell us more about Cheng Du. I’ve always wanted to visit Cheng Du when I was living in Shanghai but pity I never had the chance.

  4. I am a Malaysian Chinese with ancestral roots in China. Chinese New Year to us is a very important event, even more so than New Years Day. We still maintain very traditional practices pass down from our great grandparents from China. Even now, you can see all the Chinese New Year decorations put up in hotels, offices and shopping centres, and you can hear Chinese New Year song everywhere. It is a very exciting time for the kids because they get ang pow money(压岁钱), which literally translate as Red Packet in English. Not so good for the adults though as it is a big expense. At Chinese New Year, they’ll be fire crackers (it’s illegal in Malaysia but people still do it); and Lion Dance;lots of Mandarin oranges(all imported from China);eat waxed duck and sausages(again imported from HK and China);and go visit relatives and friends to greet them a prosperous New Year;and play cards! It is indeed a fun time for all, and a great opportunity to get together with friends and relatives. It is good to see that we all celebrate the same way despite being in different places.

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