Skyscrapers in New York

Shanghai is still in the stage when people tend to relate the word “modern” to “skyscrapers”. I am the same. When I am in Shanghai, I dream of visiting mountains in West China; while when I set foot to America, the most exciting city for me is still New York – for the skyscrapers.


© Manhanton, facing north from the top of the Empire State Building


© Manhanton, facing south from the top of the Empire State Building


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang. New York is one of the few cities where there is no sunlight on the street.


© Jian Shuo Wang. Buildings along the Park Ave. near the 86 street.

9 thoughts on “Skyscrapers in New York

  1. Mr. Wang,

    Can’t you see high rise buildings has now become a visual pollution now, there are increasing number of corporations are moving into surburban instead of downtown, with trees, lakes, or ocean views, just look to your microsoft head office in Washington State.

    The Shanghai city planner should build more green belt, otherwise the city will become uninhibitable in the years to come.


  2. Wow! New York is a huge city! I want to know more about it.can you please send me a sight that is the best at giving me a

    close in map? You see, I’m writing a book. I’ll become a famous author.You’ll see.


  3. Those pics are soooooo cool!!!! but i have a friend that is going to NewYork but i am kinda nervous cause i am worried about the people their… can you tell me what it was like in newyork and do you have any advice that i can give to my friend?? please help me!!!!!!!!!!!

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