Cold New York

I am packing my luggage and will leave U.S. tomorrow at the LaGuadia Airport in New York. New York is super cold for me these days, but peopel say the winter of New York hasn’t really arrived yet. New York is around 40 degree in latitude while Shanghai is around 31 degrees.

It snowed the day before yesterday and the snow started to melt yesterday. It was around 29 °F (I started to use F after I came to U.S.). It is freezing everywhere.

12 thoughts on “Cold New York

  1. If you have a chance (probably too late :-)), ride the metro to Flushing, Queens district. The Chinatown there is much newer than Manhattan’s. And you may enjoy some of the finest Chinese food there and lots and lots of Shanghainese. It looks as if every Shanghainese who immigrated to the US converged into Flushing. Nah, it may be too late for you now :-), next time.

  2. If I am not wrong, Flushing is only about 10 minutes from LaGuadia. Sometimes when I go to NYC, I will drive straight to Flushing to have a good lunch or dinner. I may even stay in Flushing’s Sheraton for its convenience. Then I can use metro to get to anywhere in Manhattan or rest of NYC with ease. When the night falls, I would return to Flushing to find a nice restuarant. Monterey Park’s China town is so big and vast, spreading out miles and miles. But I still like Flushing’s Chinatown because it’s small and cozy, everything is in walking distance. In Monterey Park, you definitely need to drive to go from one shopping plaza to the next. No too much complaint, I also have to say Monterey Park is one of best new Chinatowns in North America.

    For those of you who have been to Vancouver, Richmond’s Chinatown is also very good, the so called new Chinatown that doesn’t have any resemblance to the old style downtown Chinatowns.

  3. I love Monterey Park and its vicinity. LA is food heaven even for Chinese from NorCal. I was told that the Chinatown in SF is much cleaner than the one in NYC. Many Chinese restaurants in the Chinatown of SF, mostly Cantonese style. But I still eat at so-called the new Chinatown in Richmond District when I go to SF. Seems there are many “new Chinatowns” besides the historical ones in America’s big cities.

    Jianshuo and Fanfan, hope you have a save trip back home and enjoy most delicious and authentic Chinese food in Shanghai soon:) Have a happy and warm New Year!

  4. Ha ha, another “Jing” on the web. My first name is Jing too.

    I have already suggested WJS to include Northern and Southern CA in its trip plan even before he started his trip :-) Maybe more than 50% of Chinese population live in these areas. I have to agree that Southern CA (Monterey Pk and surrounding areas) offer the best Chinese amenities in the US, sometimes better than SF Bay. Bay has too many geeky engineers. They tend to be less meticulous on foods. :-)

    Happy holidays every one, Shanghai still the best in food!

  5. Carroll, it is good you can post again. Sorry for banned your email address. I am experiencing crazy spam attack these days. They are from different IP, at interval of around 1 minutes per spam and with random URL and content.The only thing I found these spams in common is, they have a digit or two in their email address. So I temperarily put any email with one or two digits into my blacklist. If you happen to use this kind of email, may I suggest you to change – I don’t think the spammers will have time to read this comment so I believe it is safe to disclose this rule here.

    jqian, I happened to stay in Flushing for several nights at the begining of the trip. Flushing seems better but the Main street area (near the Subway) is still bad. I took Q12 to the 168th street and that area is very nice. Flushing are where people from the north (other than Guangzhou, Fujian) gather.

    Yes. It is the terminal station of Metro Line #7, which is a very easily accessed area.

  6. Bet you both had a great X’mas vacation, though I know it’s really cold in NY! Have a safe flight back home, JS and Wendy! Happy New Year! :)

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