9 thoughts on “I am in New York

  1. JS,

    When I first came to the States years ago as a little girl my first stop was NYC. I had the exact feeling that you have. I thought to myself, why did my parents make me leave shanghai to come here :-)

    But I’m almost certain you will fall in love with it. I don’t live there now, but I go there often for business and I just love it.

    have a great time with Wendy!!

    your night pics of Chicago is awsome!

  2. welcome to big apple! Yes, it is really cold today (it was really warm for the past months). If you have time during the trip, i can take you to lunch / or coffee. think about it as a treat from a Jiao Da alum!!!


  3. You have been warned plenty of times that the weather s_ _ks this time of the year in the Northeast. The bright side is the 5-day forecast has no snow. Take advantage of that. The snow will come, soon or later. When it does, it will be cold, wet, and slippery. It’s simply miserable. The best thing to do at that time is to sit inside your hotel room, write your blog, and sip a cup of hot chocolate.

    New York City just like any other places in U.S.A, it has the good, the bad and lots in between. Do not let the negative side dampening your exploring spirit.

    Best Holiday wishes!

  4. Oh yeah, never let NYC’s first impression (maybe dirty in someplace, especially lower part of Manhattan) mislead you. NYC’s charm is far more than other cities and if you live there long enough you will fall in love with it. They said that NYC blends the best with the worst. It takes time to find out the best. First impression is never reliable.

  5. Hehe, you might be wandering in Chinatown, which gives you the impression of “dirty”. NYC is like Shanghai very much.

  6. Hello Wang, I came across this site and it has ben most beneficial. You see, I am about to move to Shanghai in June, I’ll be running a Micro Brewery there. So I thought I would introduce myself and perhaps we can sit down over a beer some time. Peace, G~

  7. Have you ever ben to Nepal? I am interested on taking a side trip to Nepal once I get everything up and running with this new venture in Shanghai. I really want to see the Himalayas and there are some beautiful golf resorts in Nepal. I’ll stay in touch, I will arrive in Shanghai on May 27th. Again, I’ll be in touch, G~

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