Art Story 2: Lion King in Paramount Theater

My friend and I went to see Lion King in the historical Paramount Theatre last night. I am so happy that I visited the theater. From a website, I learnt the show started at 8:00 pm so I arrived there near 7:30 pm. The Paramount Theatre is located at 911 Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98101, just several blocks away. The tickets run from 25 USD to 100 USD. I remember someone posted on my blog to suggest me to try my luck to arrive the theatre at the last minute to get cheap tickets. It worked. A person in hotel uniform was selling his two tickets. The face value for the tickets was $49 and we got it at $20 each. Nice deal, isn’t it?

Before the show started, I was already so impressed by the architecture of the theatre. It was huge! There are many I happened to notice a computer screen at the entrance indicated 2656 persons entered the theatre that night. My seat was on the third mezzanine, 33W 4 to be exactly. It is very far from the stage but exactly in the middle so I can still enjoy the show very well. It is the most splendid place I have ever been in Seattle. See this picture! The elegant decor makes it a palace.

The show is even better: the typical broadway style. I especially love the musical and the way people simulate the lives of animals. Here are the scenes of the show: Act One and Act Two.

Many senior people went there. They dressed well, and behaved well. Parents brought their children. It is clear the tradition of fine arts pass along the generations. It is exactly as the vision of the Seattle Theatre Group stated: the theatre helped “To enrich, inspire, challenge and expand our world through the arts”.

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