I Got Wallop Invitation

George sent me the wallop invitation today. Thanks very much!

Wallop is Microsoft’s answer to blog, social software… It is distributed as GMail way – only those who have the invitation can login to Wallop.

This is my way to distribute the invitation ticket I got (inspired by Run).

Below are quoted from http://bbs.wangjianshuo.com/ShanghaiWiki/Wallop

Wallop is Microsoft’s answer to hot topics like blog, SNS, personal network… To fully leverage the five invitations, we will create a pool. The rule, as Run suggested, looks like this:

  1. Everyone need to accept this rule before requesting an invitation.
  2. In return, everyone should contribute TWO invitation back to the network.
    1. One will be dispatched as the wish of the person who granted the invitation, and
    2. the other one must send to others who registered on this page (the choice is yours)


  1. Sign your name below the horizontal line
  2. Create an order before I distribute the first ticket
  3. When the list is ready, we will distribute the first ticket.
  4. The first one will send the invitation to the one below him/her. Meanwhile, anyone owes one invitation as the wish of the person whose name is immediately above him/her
  5. Now click Edit Page on the top of the page to get started.


  • George Yan, for the first ticket to Jian Shuo Wang
  • Run Liu, for the idea of the pool
  • Jian Shuo Wang, for creating the tool for everyone to collaborate

Sign Your Name Here

  1. George Yan
  2. Jian Shuo Wang jianshuo@hotmail.com (Sent)
  3. Run Liu
  4. Charles Li
  5. Wei Xu [v-weixu#microsoft.com]
  6. Carsyn Koo CarsynKoo@gmail.com
  7. Wendy Fan
  8. Tian Qiang Chen
  9. John Xu
  10. Jack Koo(Gu) gushaofeng#gmail.com
  11. Zhe Wang


  • Please APPEND your name to the end of the list, NOT insert into the list.
  • If you found anyone changed the order (remember your order number), you can change it back.
  • After you sent the invitation, please add (Sent) behind YOUR name, so others know the progress


I have logged in, and tried to invite the next one, and got the message:

Wallop has a limited number of invitations available at this time, by request. Unfortunately there are currently no invitations available to you.To request invitations, select ‘Invite More People’ to get additional invitations as they become available.

I have requested the invitation permission, and will provide one back to Jian Shuo, another one to Charles Li.

by Run Liu

Update November 21, 2004

Although you can post to either this page or the Wallop Invitation Wiki Page, please note that it is not likely for your to get an invitation this way. As you may know, I only have 5 invitations and the chain idea needs time to complete.

42 thoughts on “I Got Wallop Invitation

  1. I can’t believe you haven’t had any comments about this yet. It seems like you’ve come up with such a *brilliant* system for distributing the offers. Very impressive!!

  2. Oh,no!there are currently no invitations available to you.My friends have used up all the limitation,and so have you:(

    hopefully WALLOP can give you asap~~~~

  3. Hey friend, do you have extra invitation for wallop? I use google and fount your blog, looks very neat. If you happen to have one, could you invite me? I really want to have a try…Thanks a lot. My email is optimas@gmail.com.


  4. Please, please. I don’t think I have more wallop invitation to distribute right now. I have created a form for people to help each other, but it may take very long time before the ball roll to the next person. So be patient and don’t complain if you cannot get an invitation.

  5. I would like to have a wallop invite, please!

    If needed, I have some Gmail invites to trade…

    Thanks in advance..


  6. I need a wallop invite, please!

    If needed, I have some Gmail invites to trade…

    Thanks in advance..

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