Top Commenters of Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

Jul 2004:

carsten 43

bigbro 21

earthmilk 13

George 13

Aug 2004:

bigbro 26

Stephen 16

earthmilk 16

Sep 2004

carsten 33

Stephen 26

Lu Heli 11

bigbro 11

Oct 2004

Stephen 38

carsten 23

bigbro 16

Thanks for everyone’s great contribution.

1 Million Page View in October 2004

With everyone’s contribution, Wangjianshuo’s blog reached the first 1 million page view in October 2004 for the first time. According to the report of iPowerWeb, the page view at alone is 0.977 million (page served). With hits on other Wangjianshuo’s Blog property, like, and, the total page view exceeded 1 million. 0.12 million people visited the site in the last month. For the first time in the site history, it experienced bandwidth crisis last month by serving more than 50G of data. I still wonder why iPowerWeb didn’t paused my site after it exceeded the limit.

This is an important milestone for the site.

5 thoughts on “Top Commenters of Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

  1. Congratulations, JS for having reached the first 1 million page view! Indeed, that’s a milestone for your site. Honestly, haven’t visited your site for almost 2 weeks and lot of things are happening. And I bet I’m not included as one of the top commentors for this month…that’s for sure hehehe! Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Dear JS,

    I found your blog by chance on the Internet. It is a very enjoyable read! I live in the Detroit, Michigan and visit Shanghai 7-8 times a year (mostly for business, and you can guess what industry I am in…). Thinking about moving back to China sometimes but it is more difficult to do when you have a family… (By the way, my wife is a graduate of Shanghai Jiaotong U.)

    Look forward to more blogs from you, especially about Shanghai, my favorite city in the world.

    PS: how do you like your car? What is the most popular car among your friends?

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