First Contributor of New MyBusStop Project

Joe became the first contributor to the newly opened My City, My Bus Stop project. Here is the stops/lines he just contributed:




The editing history can be found from the Page History link (example).

Thanks Joe for being the first and the nice description of JiaLiFang .

Following his link on JiaLiFang, I found his interesting blog. Joe seems to be in the same field as Isaac and Zheng. They are all of the style I like – the style of a very passionate learner and a sereious thinker. Joe brought a very good start to the new project. I am going to publish the source of the Wiki so the files can be backed up in many different locations and does not waste people’s effort if the server crashes. I do keep my weekly backup. The old entries contributed by Billy Qiu, Xiao Gao and others’ have been restored to the current base. I believe the baseline of any public service that others can contribute is there is no data lose at any time.

5 thoughts on “First Contributor of New MyBusStop Project

  1. Jianshuo,

    I notice you insist to update your blog eveyday. It’s a great job! How long time do you take for this work everyday?

  2. Haitao, it takes 20 minutes on average. Sometime I only use 5 minutes to write some thoughts and some times, it takes up to 1 hour to complete a long entry. The first practice I got is from the owner and he told me he spent 15 minutes writing an entry and anther 15 minutes to review and modify it everday. It is a nice practice.

  3. Mr. Wang

    It is really nice to see bus stops sign are so informative, perhaps add some vivid colours made it more stand out. By the way, what is the prefix GJ stand for?


  4. GJ means Gong Jiao, or Public Transportation, or Bus in particular.

    I used PinYin system instead of English since it provide the easiest way to find a map between the title and the Chinese name since there is a standard Chinese name for each bus stop but no standard name in English.

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