Happiness, Wealth and Long-Live

I saw these three traditional Chinese statue at a lot of places in Guangzhou. They are called the Star of Happiness, Star of Wealth and Star of Long Life

guangzhou-happiness.jpg guangzhou-money.jpg guangzhou-life.jpg

© Jian Shuo Wang. Taken at the lobby of the China Hotel by Marriot in Guangzhou.

Wendy has been ill for some days. She caught cold and didn’t show any sign of recover after the injection. I hope the statues bring some good luck to her. I have my finger crossed for her recovery soon.

8 thoughts on “Happiness, Wealth and Long-Live

  1. sorry to read that Wendy’s fallen ill- oh dear! I hope she will recover soon. Could it be due to the changing autumn weather? A balanced diet, lots of rest and water and a visit to the doctor should do the trick- Don’t worry JS!

    pardon my blurness but i assume these “statues” are what we more commonly refer to as “Fu, Lu, Shou”

  2. Mr. Wang,

    These three statues you show us, are they only popular in the southern China or it is a common symbol of happiness for all Chinese?


  3. It is common in traditional Chinese culture. In old China, it appears mainly at north. But the culture of north changed so much after the years of wars and the new social system, but the south China keeps the tradition so it is more popular in South China now.

    There are many Chinese traditions that are perserved better in South China, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korean than north China. This is only my personal observation.

  4. An injection is needed for the cold? Sounds serious… hope she’s OK

    Back home we used to just take vitamins, panadol, and catch some sleep.

  5. Dear Wangjianshuo!

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  6. JS,

    They are not stars; they are Gods(of Happiness, Wealth and Longevity)

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