National Holiday Begins

This is the real time information broadcasting on National Holiday status in Shanghai, brought to you by Wangjianshuo.

:-D I take the advantage to live in this city, which is the destination for millions of visitors and travelers in the next few days. The National Holiday is one of the most important (and among the longest holiday) in China, starting form Oct 1 to oct 7.


If you can choose, do NOT come to Shanghai these days – since it is the most crowded season in this city. If you can choose, DO come to the city these days, since it shows the most exciting and beautiful side of the city.

How Many Visitors?

Here are some numbers.

There will be 7.12 million people riding bus every day, the Metro are expected to transport 1.50 million people with peak of 1.85 million during the 7 days. According to news report, 4 million visitors will arrive in Shangha in the long vacation.

Imagine how many people in 16 million people metropolitan!

Shops and Restaurants

Unlike other countries, most of shops and restaurants open during the holiday. Many of them even extended the business hour. The national flag is every where on the street and flowers bloom at every corner.


The transportation is a little bit irregular. The intensive traffic control has been announced. Vehichles are not allowed in the restricted area (a very large area) from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm. The Metro may close some stations – I guess the People’s Square station will be closed and only allow transition between Line #1 and #2. The most reliable transportation on Oct 1 – 3 is by walking. Good news is, it is very interesting to see people with national flags in hands and big plastic toys.


It is very comfortable here in Shanghai today. The temperature drops a little bit and it feels like autumn. It is notable that the temperature difference between noon and morning/night is significant. It is really hot at noon but cool down immedately after sunset.

Again, welcome to Shanghai at the special season.

More Information

Note: All the information provided above is my personal experience from the last several years of national holiday in Shanghai. Unless I quoted with a source, the information may not be accurate and is not personally confirmed. Although I am pretty confident that my experience of the last year may be more accurate than any news report available, but do take it for your reference only.

P.S. If you wrote me recently, you may need to expect a longer delay since I received many emails these days. I suggest you to either post the question under relative entries or post it on the BBS (not formally announced yet). So other experienced visitors to Shanghai can help to answer your question and the anwers will benifit more readers.

5 thoughts on “National Holiday Begins

  1. Mr. Wang,

    Do you mean all office workers, labourers, government servants excluding people working in the retail sector all receive a week paid holiday? Is that mean the entire country is in idle for a week?


  2. 王先生,

    It would be great to see some pictures from Shanghai on this festive holiday, if you have the time. Enjoy your week : )

    Jens Leo Malmqvist (马贵金)

  3. Stephen,

    My Chinese workmate told me that they don’t really receive a week-paid holiday. What happens is that they compensate their one week vacation by working on weekends. And the legal holidays are only from Oct 1-3. :-)

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