Font Changed to Bigger

After the forecast of Upcoming Change in Font Size, I uploaded the new CSS to my web server. I have formed a habbit to link to this CSS file whenever I create a new web page, so the most basic features of my style becomes handy. These features include:

  • Verdana font
  • Font size of 12pt (the default size in IE and most browsers). It was 10pt before.
  • Colorful Headings.
  • Margin on the left and on the right

Do you like the new design?

More than Font Size

Besides the change in font size, I made some minor changes to other parts for sake of usability improvement. This the second usability improvement on this site (first Usability Improvement). I conducted Top Usability Mistakes of Wangjianshuo’s Blog) research one year and a quarter ago. I hope the site keep involving itself.

Navigation Bar

I changed the navigation bar a little bit so when you click Home and navigate to Home page, the Home does not has a link, implying you are on the page. The same applies to Archives, Directory, and Map. What is the usability guideline behind this?

Visibility – By observing, users should know where they are and what is the possible actions they can perform

3 thoughts on “Font Changed to Bigger

  1. A small suggestion. Ideally, on the home page, the WJS logo should not be linked to Home, applying the same reasoning.

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