Airport Construction Fee Included in Tickets

From Sept 1, 2004, the Airport Construction Fee (50 RMB for domestic travel, 90 RMB for international and 10 RMB for branch airlines) is paid along with the ticket (news) in China. Travelers no longer have to buy it at airports.

I took Shanghai Airlines flight from Wen Zhou to Shanghai yesterday (Sept 2, 2004). The price is 50 RMB higher than the listed price. On the ticket, CN 50.00 was printed in the TAX field (at the left-bottom corner). I directly got on board the plane after the security check. There are less stops I need to go through:

1) Check-in

2) Pass security check

3) Get on board.

Please pay attention to this change during your next travel in China. This change may confuse people since there is no sign or promotion of the change anywhere at airport yet.

Refer to Airport Construction Fee for more information about the fee.

3 thoughts on “Airport Construction Fee Included in Tickets

  1. I read your 2004 blog one by one, very interesting! very nice attitude to life, no wonder it is one of the best blog sites in China.

  2. Can I make a connecting flight from Pudong Airport to Nanjing in the early evening (1700-1800)?

  3. Contruction fee is totally bogus… Don’t recall other airports that does this. Why not just charge in on the airfare tickets?

    waste of people time. I travel from Baiyun airport as spring board to many chinese cities.. Paid that contruction fee like 6 times

    when i was there.. :(

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