See How Many Articles I Wrote

Do you have an idea of how many is 722 articles? I had no idea before I print out the screen shot of the archives page on this site. Every blue line in the picture below that is too small to read represents an article.


Screen shot of Wangjianshuo’s Blog Archive page.

That is a lot! That is the accumulation of small effort everyday (of two years).

P.S. The screen shot was captured by HyperSnap. I tried the 15 day evaluation edition. It works great.

7 thoughts on “See How Many Articles I Wrote

  1. 722 sure is a lot. :) I’d probably spend a whole day to go through them all.

    There’s a lot of interesting info about Shanghai.

  2. Aline said, “I’d probably spend a whole day to go through them all.”.. Oh really?

    Assuming a respectable average of 3 minutes reading time per entry, you’d spend 2166 minutes to read thru them all; and a day has just 1440 minutes :)

  3. nirmalya,why not?Why 3 minutes for a blog entry?3mins is too much. :)

    I read quickly. I read the 5th Harry Potter in less than 1 day…and no i didn’t skip any meals .

  4. What software did you use to make the screenshot? That’s a very long graphic.



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