OOB Today

I got back to Shanghai for weekend. I will go swim with Wendy and hold the update for this blog for one day.

OOB = Out Of Blogging

P.S. Shanghai is hot and my car (left there untouched for two weeks) seems a little bit strange to me and covered with dirt.

3 thoughts on “OOB Today

  1. Thanks, earthmilk. I am back. We went to the Shanghai Swimming Stadium. Oh my! There are too many people there and we can hardly extent our arms and legs. We kicked each others and pushed each other in the pool so we looked like being swimming. :-D

    For the first time, I went to the deep water area (2.1m). There are much fewer people there. It is so nice to swim in deep water. I call it “playing” of what I did in the swimming pool before. Only after I am able to swim as far as 50 meters in deep water, I call what I was doing “Swimming” and what I was doing can be called sports then.

  2. If you have interest, try some other place to swim. Like hotels, or some community service with swimming pool.

    I’ve swimmed a lot in all seasons and all places. Sure, I use hotels a lot. Not only when I was traveling, even when I was in Shanghai, most of my time of swimming is in hotels & some sport clubs. As I know, hotels sell the swimming card with not-so-nice price. Well, I joined several times to the public swimming place with my group of friends in last three years. Yes, can’t strech body easily, however, it’s so live, so great experience when all of my friends, old or yound, good or bad skills, get together and swim, so much fun!

    BTW, I saw your comments on not response so often than before, don’t mind so much. Everybody enjoy sharing something with you. Sometime it is OK for just listenning.

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