Shanghai Taxi Colors

Want to see real colors of the taxis, as I mentioned in this article? Here you are.





Taxi Queue

The left most taxi with only a tail is the Indian Red I mentioned. The dark blue taxi between the Dazhong (Turquoise) and the Qiangsheng (yellow) taxi is from Blue Union.

More Pictures to Come

I am not in Shanghai so I cannot take more pictures of the other colors, especially the France Red taxis. But I will post them here.

15 thoughts on “Shanghai Taxi Colors

  1. is there any meaning on colours for Shanghainese? since i have heard that an advertisement cannot use red colour as it is the colour for China Government, is that true?

  2. I remember reading somewhere that one learns atleast two new things each day.

    I for sure learnt atleast two things today!

    One of them is the colour “Indian Red” :-)

    Thanks JianShuo, for sharing with us the photos (and also for fulfilling our request so quickly :-) )

  3. Charlene, there are some meanings in colors. Red is generally the VI or CI of the Party or the Goernment. They tend to use red as headlines for documents. There is no rule to ban people from using it though, as far as I know.

  4. CB400, you may be mentioning the new drivers of Dazhong Taxi. With the quick expansion, the great company faces big challenge to maintain the high standard unchanged. They offered many new drivers, who may comes from near by counties and they are not familiar with the roads of the city. I do have experience to see a Dazhong taxi driver who don’t know where is Xujiahui (I was scared at that time and wonder if he is a fake taxi driver.)

    Generally speaking, although Dazhong is not perfect, it still keep their standard higher than other companies.

  5. I have had bad experience with Shanghai taxi driver two years ago and I vow never take a taxi or ride a seden-like car in Shanghai owing to different driving culture.

    I find the public bus is equally efficent, comfort and clean and the service has greatly improved in the last two years, however, the subway is a somehow disappointed mainly food stores are operated at the concourse making the area less hygienical.

    Perhaps Mr. Wang should introduce the public transportation of Shanghai where the standard has more or less reached international level. I am sure the travellers from aboard will enjoy better view from taking bus and subway.


  6. Stephen, yes, public transportation has been very great and continue to improve. Many buses are clean, less crowded and very cheap. :-D It will be a good topic to write about.

  7. Never try to take them at rush hours…… I feel lucky to have a company bus picking me up to the office everyday.

    Like most huge cities in the world, rush hours are terrible, no matter you are in a bus, or metro, or taxi… any kind of transportation today, except for boats and helicopters I guess. 8)

  8. The typical office hours for foreign invested company and some modern private companies end at 6:00 PM. Most of state owned big companies end their day at 5:00 PM, some as early as 4:00 PM. So the rush hours started from 4:00 PM and ends around 6:30 PM. Avoid this time if you can. Drinking a cup of coffee may be a better idea than wasting it on a bus.

  9. I have traveled from Shanghai Railway station twice recently. Both times there seemed to be some kind or Cartel or something in operation. I went to both north and south exits trying to get a taxi that would go on the meter. Even at the proper taxi ranks there were men controlling the prices and telling me I could only go for 50rmb to somewhere i know costs 11rmb. Any driver that came to the rank and would go on a meter was chased off by the rest. Shouldn’t there be someone there to stop this?!! The police that were there didn’t seem to care… who can you complain to? I know there’s a number you can use in Hangzhou but not sure about Shanghai.

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