TGI Shanghai

If you have visited TGI Friday, you may know what the title of this entry means.

Yes. I am back to Shanghai via MU5122 from Beijing (1800 – 2000 hours). I am so happy to be at home again, see my Wendy, listen to my radio, and lit up the caddles. I also have access to my own home wireless network with network sid “wangjianshuo”. This is my own small world again.

I am in Shanghai again. Wow!

3 thoughts on “TGI Shanghai

  1. Love the site, Jian Shuo. I’ll be visiting your city next month, and plan to spend a fair amount of time on your site before I go. Cheers.

  2. yes. It is so nice to be at home – I din’t notice before but now I aam so happy that every tiny thing in this house was bought by myself and owned by me. There is a story behind everything.

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