Welcome Eric and Claire

blogcn.com resumed (down) and this gave bloggers using its service a good choice to escape and look for alternatives. I am happy to welcome Eric and Claire to move their blogs to my site. I am like a fine blog collactor to move the blogs I really like to my site. The best part of this move is, I am more confident to check their blogs in the future because they are not likely to go down as blogcn. (Well. This site did have problems and go down. The service level has been improved a lot after iPowerWeb).

I am not a BSP, but Eric’s and Claire’s blogs, along with Wendy’s blog, are my three favorite blogs. I am most interested in blogs of my friends in real life and their blogs were telling stories.




Recommended Reading

Eric: 突然来临的爱情 A perfect love story, especially if you read about these entries of three months before: 每次醒来都看到你的短信 我心里的四个女孩 一段感情就此结束 牛魔王说: “感情破裂了”

Wendy: 后成长时代 卖房谈判记 新鲜的北京

Claire: 会有这样的周末,我一个人 熟悉的路


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  1. Now, if only your site had some sort of instant translation capability…I may have to start trying to learn Chinese!

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