Blogcn is Down for the Third Time

Blogcn, the largest blogging service provider, shut down their server again. This time, it seems because of technical difficulties.


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As far as I know, there close friends of mine has been affected. Jackgu commented in his last post that he has lost passion for blogging since the 10-day downtime broke his pace of updating frequency and leaving unbearable blank on the blog history.

Claire and Eric were also driven mad. I am proud to help them to host their blogs on Their new homes are:

I love their writing styles so much. These two blogs, along with Wendy’s blog are the three best personal blogs I saw (in my friend circle). I am happy that I won’t lose them again.

Meanwhile, I still encourage people to start host their blogs by themselves as soon as possible. Check this entry: Blog, to Host it or Not? for reasons.

I hope Eric and Claire enjoy the new home (not fancy but stable home). I hope one day, they can move to their permanent address at and, where their blog should reside at.

8 thoughts on “Blogcn is Down for the Third Time

  1. Can someone please advise me. I am travelling to Shanghai in September to see the first Chinese Grand Prix. I have travelled around the www but cant hit the right site for travelling around Shanghai by public transport. I arrive into Pudong Airport and need to get to the Panorama Century Court Hotel on Huang Rd( 5 minutes walk away fron the Bund) Can you give me metro information on how I can do this. I also will need to get from the hotel to the Grand Prix circuit. All I can find out is that it in the Anting district. Is it possible to get here by public transport?

  2. Wangjianshuo, this has nothing to do with blogcn, but since I cannot reach the pvg bbs, I will post it here. WJS, i would like you to see . This is the official site for Pudong and Hongqiao Airports. They have some flight info, but they are not up-to-date like SFO’s airport’s page. Just a suggestion.

  3. That site is easy to navigate but only limited information is provided, lacking real, practical information that WJS has given on this site.

    In their Chinese page on Maglev train they had this rule. Is it really applied and since it is not published in the English page does it not apply to foreigners? 车票为当日当班次有效,过期作废。每张车票票面均印有发车时间,在发车前20分钟开始进站检票,发车前5分钟停止检票,为了确保您的乘车,请至少在发车前20分钟到达乘车地点的检票口。

  4. Brenda, when do you arrive ?

    The options from PVG to downtown are different, depending on the time of day.

  5. Thanks to everyone who replied. I arrive at some awful hour on the morning of 24th, before 7am. Thats ok though as it will give me a chance to see a very little of Shanghai before going to see first day of testing of f1 cars.regards, Brenda

  6. Brenda, the most convenient way is to take a taxi just outside the PVG luggage claim and directly to your hotel. They use meter. Then you will have time to “find yourself” before any sightseeing. Expect around 140 RMB (17US$) for the ride, time should be less than 1 hour. Have chinese cash ready, in smaller notes too. For the driver to find it, print out the hotel visit card on

    The Maglev highspeed train starts at 8:30, so don’t wait for that, you can “do” it on your way out of PVG.

  7. 尊敬的用户:




    I can’t remember how many time it is, but now BlogCN is down again,I can not say a word any more,because it seems very natural,and I will post articles on BlogCN while it is OK.I am tired of registering many Blog websites,I am waiting…

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