Last Google Dance

Have you heard of Google Dance? It is the monthly re-index of all web pages and recaculate PageRank for each individual web page. Since Google indexes more than 4 billion webpages with more than 10,000 computers, it takes so long to do the full re-index. This is interesting. You may learn more about Google Dance at the following links:

Enough about theory, I just find something interesting on my own website. I can declare that the last Google Dance (for this site) happens on June 6, 2004. Just take a look at this two page:

This page has PageRank of PR2.

This page, which is posted one day after has PageRank of PR0.

You get the PR number from the PageRank indicator (right top of the screen) on Google Tool bar – the small green bar.

All pages before Mowing Lawn have PR2, PR3 or PR4, and all pages after Successful Presentation Skill Training have PR0.

That means, the 30+ pages will get the PR they deserve (at least PR2 I think) at the next Google Dance. When will it be? I am waiting…

P.S. This post is some kind of technial. I am afriad I have to disagree with what Fons that blog has to have focus. The only focus should be personal identy. Let me explain it in the next blog post.

11 thoughts on “Last Google Dance

  1. If not mistaken, I had heard that Google was to upgrade its PageRanking technology; and this was sometime around the first week of July. So, thats probably when the last ‘Google dance’ was.

  2. It did indeed. If not mistaken the date was a Tuesday, either June 29th or July 6th this year. According to a classmate of mine, many webmasters were rushing to update their keywords in the ‘meta’ tags

  3. I think the Google dance is the third sunday of every month, but don’t forget your dancing shoes.

  4. Ben, it is not that frequent, and it may takes up to months for the Google dance to complete. To recalculate the links within billions of pages is both complicated and time consuming.

  5. But sometimes it makes the webmasters to dance without any reason and gain :-(

    There must be some mechanism of instant update and indexing at Google. Google is earning alot so it must spend some more to hire more team and resources.

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