Cannot Post Comment on this Site?

Some reader reported that he/she cannot post comment onto this site. They get error message:

Comment Submission Error

Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:

You are not allowed to post comments.

Chances are, I have banned your IP address so you cannot post.

“What? Why ban me? I am a good netizen!”

Sorry if it happens to you. I intended to ban spammers who are in the same IP range of you. When I get any comment spam, I will remove it proactively and I will use the MovableType’s built-in IP Banning feature to ban future comment or trackbacks from the same IP range.

This is not a perfect solution. It will ban good guys like you and bad guys together. If this does happen, please drop me an email and tell me your IP address and I will lift it. I believe spammers don’t have time to write to me since they are busy posting to other blogs when they find this one does not work for them.

Meanwhile, I posted the following message to the error page so it is less confusing when people see this message:

Help on “You are not allowed to post comments.”.

If you post comment and see error message like above, chances are, I have put your IP block into my banned list. I take several minutes everyday to clean up spam comment onto my site everyday and I always take the extra mile to add the IP arrange of the spammer so they cannot post spam to my site in the future. However, this is not a perfect solution because it will ban many good citizens along with the spammer.

  • If you are my reader, sorry for the inconvenience. Would you please drop me an email to and let me know your IP address. (You can find your IP address at and I will remove your IP arrange from my banned list.
  • If you are a spammer (or marketer in your term), sorry that this is not the right place for you. Chances are, you don’t have time to contact me since you have tens or hundreds of website to go to post your spam. I suggest you to change post your spam comment from another computer with different IP address. I can guarantee you that I will ban the new IP address when I find it out

Update: I did Banned Many Good Readers

In five hours after I post this entry, I have got two readers to report the ban by mistake. I have lifted the ban. Keep sending me the unban request and I will process them ASAP. Sorry for banning you, good guys and welcome back.

32 thoughts on “Cannot Post Comment on this Site?

  1. This is really interesting stuff! I’d like to be able to do that someday, too – banning spammers and hopefully, eradicating them from the face of the internet world. That would be very nice, don’t you think? hehehe.

  2. The driver requests are not spam. You read it because I kept it. I am afriad I cannot satisfy every request from comment board. I do remove all spam related to virga, to gambling, and to .tk domain (recently)

  3. Thanks for lifting the posting ban on good guys. Good guyd always win in the end!!

    Manish Jadhav

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  6. I too run a web site and found this one by searching through google.

    Banning IP’s is great and very satisfying for webmasters until you realise a couple of things.

    1. Some users IP’s are dynamic, they change on every net log in, people who use AOL will know this.

    2 Spammers, and more importantly, spam-bots, actually “spoof” IP addresses. So what you see in your log, isn’t necessarily the true IP.

    Good luck, and don’t ever give up the fight. Even if you have to resort to extreme measures.

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