Bill Mao


Image in courtesy of Newsweek

Ha. Newsweek is so funny! This picture is the cover picture of Newsweek June 21, 2004 Issue.

I LOL when I see the picture because the original picture are displayed in many restaurant till now. I happened to take one in our most favorite Hunan Restaurant – Yue Yang Lou.

5 thoughts on “Bill Mao

  1. I’ve seen another edition like this one

    the description is as follows:

    Is Bill Cool? Got this interesting picture from a graphic designer forum today. Of coz what we’re discussing is only about the photoshop technique to assemble Bill Gates into Chairman Mao , the People’s Republic of China. I doubt who really care what their new Great China marketing strategy is! They just want to boost their sales in China only. Is there any benifit to our developers!?

    For the details of this article from the current issue of Newsweek.

    “June 21 issue – Microsoft’s largest beachhead outside the United States is in the state most hostile to it: the People’s Republic of China. Since arriving in Beijing in 1990, the Gates empire has assembled a network of business operations, from research and development to sales and marketing to customer support, second only to that in its Redmond, Washington, hub. Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer, whose minutes are managed as priceless commodities, regularly descend on the mainland for meetings with customers and government officials, trying to find a way to make it in the elusive China market.”

    and also I’ve seen this issue traslated into Chinese at blogchina.

  2. Have you seen how you can fold the 100 RMB bill with Mao’s face into a happy face or a sad face? If you’d like, I can email it to you.

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