Transferred to Microsoft Consulting Service

I have contemplated for some time and finally decided to put this into my blog. I have left Microsoft GTEC (Global Technical Engineering Center) and joined another Microsoft organization – Microsoft Consulting Service as a consultant from July.

This is a smooth transition for me. After working in a pure technical center and tried 6 different roles in the same organization in the last 5 years, it is time for me to step out of the green house to take more challenges in real world.

I will focus on infrastructure and will start to work on some server consolidation and Active Directory deployment projects. This job challenges me on technical side, on project management side, on business negotiation side and on inter-personal skills side. This is not a easy job since it requires much more travel and OT than it does in my previous job, but I believe the days and nights to come will add more aspect in my career portfolio.

I have moved to a new floor in the same office building, looking forward to take more challenges in this new role.

This brings two major changes to this blog:

  • Update may be slightly impacted due to travel or instable connectivity to Internet.
  • There may be more content related to my job – what Microsoft is doing in China

Let me explain the two changes in details.

Update Frequency

I believe I still can write something meaningful in my life every day on this blog. I have kept writing for more about two years, and it has become a habit to write something or at least post some pictures. So it won’t be a big problem. If I just started for half year, chances are, I will stop updating this site.

Microsoft stuff

I didn’t write too much on stuff related to my company. Fons from even wondered whether “they (the employer) called him in and had a talk“.

I have thoroughly explained the reason in this blog entry: Reviewed by

This may change a little bit after the transfer. In the new job, my daily life will be highly tightened to the customers and the industries in China. So my life may change. It is nature that what I write changes with my life. In contrast, my previous job does not require me to talk to customer everyday – it is all internal stuff.

Another reason is, blogging is become really, really hot in Microsoft. I don’t how other companies take it, but in Microsoft, people are so smart to pickup anything new and keep up with the trends. I have talked about Blogging in Microsoft before, introduced new Microsoft bloggers like Larry and Eddie. Now, the MCS organization has adopted the practice and requires all employees (around 60) in the organization to start writing organization level blog. It is expected greatly improve communication. It is one of the most successful usages of blogging in business I have ever seen so far.

Anyway, thanks for being with me. I hope to see more surprises, and challenges the life has to offer.

20 thoughts on “Transferred to Microsoft Consulting Service

  1. How exciting for you, Jian Shuo! It sounds like an ideal “next step” for you professionally. They are lucky to have you!! It’s so interesting that Microsoft is supporting blogging for internal business purposes. There was an article about that in our local paper last week for which I had planned to send you the link, but that thought flew out of my head before I could accomplish it. I am old enough to remember when e-mail was considered “dangerous”, and “a distraction” and under no circumstances should be accessed in the workplace. How times have changed (for the better). Sometimes I chuckle to think what our eventual grandchildren will say when they interview us about what life was like when we were their age. No computers?? Unthinkable!!

  2. Hi WJS,

    I think you made a smart move by transfering to Consulting group. I believe this position will give you a great exposure to real life project design and trouble shooting. A medical school student/researcher can not become a great doctor (MD) until he really practices it.


  3. All the Best!

    Please be a little circumspect about posting stuff related to the internal operations of Microsoft and especially customers on this blog. Your loyal fans won’t want you to get yourself into any kind of trouble!

  4. thank you for sharing with your readers this important decision! i think the transfer will have an postive impact on your blog: 1) we will be able to see more photos about places since you will travel a great deal 2) we can learn more about your mysterious company.

  5. Thanks everyone. It is interesting that I have many friends in my life that I have never met. I know that someone out there is caring about my life and my decisions. That is great.

    WilliamW, I always keep a clear and strick guideine of disclosure policy in this blog. I revise it from time to time, but I still have the guideline about what to post and what not.

  6. Congratulations on the change. I’m not a big fan of Microsoft the company in the US, but they have some brilliant people working there and writing blogs, and I am a big fan of their blogs. I hope that you do manage to update it regularly, and you manage to find the tricky balance between what it is ok to talk about and what isn’t.

  7. welcome js

    :-), have you hear the cat and consultant story?


    enjoy new consultant life


  8. WJS,

    How much will the 1 Billion USD$ cuts MS is proposing will effect the MS offices in China?

  9. A good challenge for you!

    Please share us with more of your working experients.

    I enjoy reading wendy’s and your articles very much.

  10. Congrats on your big move. I think the real difference is the interaction with people and it will change from project to project. Good way to network and travel more. All my best wishes to you!

  11. Wow, its so cool to read these older post and see what you were going through at that time but the best part is to see that you have kept your promises and you still practice what you preach. Keep up the good work you are an inspiration for many of us.

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