Search 13123456789 in Google

Who are the people in Google who are working on Google Chinese Feature? They are great. Some new features (Chinese site) were introduced in Google.

Update This page becomes the first result for 13123456789 in Google June 29, 2004

As I expected, this entry jumps to the first entry to Google’s search on the phone number. With daily page view of about 10,000 and 50,000 visitors from 109 countries, this site has been very successful with Google Ranking. Just take some time to browse to the homepage of Wangjianshuo’s Blog – the Top 10 Blogs in China. End of update

Try to search my mobile phone number 13916146826 in Google (Chinese).

Screen capture in courtesy of Google

It will tell you that mobile comes from Shanghai and uses China Mobile network.

6 thoughts on “Search 13123456789 in Google

  1. This is not a new feature of Google. Google seems don’t want to create more features itself, since it takes time and effort AND risk.

    So it just direct to the right site. The sites are just lucky to get noticed by Google.

  2. Yes, i think this is the luck. It is often seen that some pages or websites are ranked higher(or even first on google) for some keywords that were not considered by the webmaster too. :-)

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