I Love to Read Wendy’s Blog

If you have me on your MSN contact list, you know that I seldom change my display name from the formal one: “Jian Shuo Wang”. Recently, after reading Wendy’s articles, I cannot help putting her beautiful sentences into my MSN Messenger display name. The last display was:


I cannot translate her sentences into English well, since they are just so beautiful in Chinese. A rough idea is: The hint of happiness gradually showed up. It is take from this article.

Tonight, I changed display name to Go mawing in the lovely garden.


This one was taken from her article Free Saturday

Wendy is a talented writer. Her article in Chinese is sweet, decent and delightful. Among all the readers, I am, of cause, the most enjoyed reader. This afternoon, she was a little bit worried: Why people don’t like to put comment on my weblog? Is anybody reading it? I am sure many people are reading her blog. Why not leave some comments to make her happy? :-D (Sorry. There is only Chinese version available.)

9 thoughts on “I Love to Read Wendy’s Blog

  1. Wendy is actually a talented writer.I also love to read her beautiful words just it’s a little pity to see few updating over past weeks!

  2. I would love to read her blog if I could understand Chinese. But someday, I will Wendy (once I understand the language), I promise. :D

  3. I too would love to be able to read her words, but it is too much to hope. My heart identifies with the “older generation” of newcomers to our country from places where the written and spoken language is so different from their own. I know that if I lived in China I would feel lost, often frightened by my inability to read, and with ears untuned to the nuances of a language I would struggle fiercely to learn, but likely not live to master. But if I lived next door to you and Wendy, we would certainly smile a lot, hug often, and I would feel less frightened and alone.

  4. I am just xuexi Hanyu, and Hanyu hen nan!!!That’s why I can not read Wendy’s blog!But I really want.I am dreaming that some day I will enjoy her delightful writing in Chinese!!!

  5. I have been reading your blogs because I will be going to China for the first time this December. Just wanted to say thanks for all the information you’ve shared, and please do keep this up! May your tribe increase.

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