Dan is Ready to Go – Cross China

Dan is ready to step out the first step of his cross-country trip on July 1, 2004. There are only less than 20 days for him to prepare. Now he needs more contacts across China. He is going to explore “places not many tourists go, see things not many tourists see, meet people not many tourists meet.” Contacts are important to help him to find out these places along the way. I know there are many reads of this website in every corner of China. So if you are interested, read his plan and contact him. You can be a good guide for him.

I got to know Dan more than one year ago, during the SARS period. I was planning Kanas trip (Yes. I described the story in this article already) and Dan wanted to join me. Later, I quitted while Dan and other guys successfully reached Kanas and brought back great pictures.

I met Dan several weeks ago for the first after talking on mobile and exchange emails. To my surprise, Dan was not a super writer (award winning writer), but also a tech geek. He used Add-ons to iPod and turned it into a 1G (or so, I cannot remember) storage and a voice recorder. He is going to use a PDA to upload articles while he is on the road.

I chatted with Dan recently and was impressed by his plan. I volunteered to be the website sponsor for his trip and he gave me the title of his PR Director of the trip. :-D

Getting back, if you want to be Dan’s contact – no matter where you are, drop him an email. He is a nice guy and I believe the trip will be very successful for him and for all his readers. I hope one day I can take one year leave to explore the country I have been living for 27 years.

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  1. He sounds like a really great guy, and this is certain to be an exciting adventure! I’ve been reading his site ever since the first time you mentioned it, Jian Shuo, and I sent him some information I thought might help him find contacts. I don’t want to plug another site in your comments, but I’ll send you the information off-blog, and if you think it might be of interest to your readers, you can post about it. All the best to Dan, and I’m eagerly looking forward to reading about his trip.

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