Visited Chong Ming Island for the Second Time

I visited Chong Ming (Chongming) island for the second time. Last time, I cycled to Chongming and got back. This time, I drove my car and put the care on shuttle ship there. To drive in Chong Ming is great. I used J’s Canon camera to take some pictures of my car on the ship. I will post it on the web tomorrow when I get the pictures.

This is the first time I drive my car onto a ship. My car was the last to enter and there is no barrier behind it. When the ship started, I was worried because my car was parked just near the edge of the deck. It seems the car will fall into the Yangtze River at any time. I started to wonder whether I fastened the hand-brake. This idea almost killed me. I was nervous but the door to the parking deck was locked. Finally I asked a worker on the deck to help me check whether the hand brake was fastened.

It seems the worker couldn’t drive and he could not tell the status of the brake from the position of the brake handle from outside the window. So I shouted: “Just try to push the car to see if it moves!”

Oh. I regretted of what I told him. The worked goes to the front of my car and started to push very hard —– toward the river. OMG. Anyway, since my car didn’t fall into the river, I confirmed that the hand brake was fastened. Ha. What if it wasn’t? The worker with enough energy and “passion” will….. It is so funny.

Getting Back

I took the route of A20 directly to the Longyang Rd. I have to say, the road infrustructure of Shanghai is fantastic. A20 (the outter ring) is a very standard express way with numbered exits. It is part of Shanghai’s effort to make the city more friendly for international visitors. Compared with the original name – Huan Dong Yi Da Dao (or East Outer Ring Road), A20 is a better way to people to recongnize and remember.

Update Pictures to this storyJune 14, 2004

Below is my car at the edge of the deck. It seems the car can easily fall into the river if there is any Turbulence.


© Jian Shuo Wang. Taken by Jack’s Camera

The detailed image of the beers on the car.


© Jian Shuo Wang. Taken by Jack’s Camera

9 thoughts on “Visited Chong Ming Island for the Second Time

  1. Seems like you had a really enjoyable Sunday. :) Can you tell us how long the round-trip journey was, & how much the ferry crossing cost?

    Rather surprised to learn that there’s no gate or any barrier at the edge… ^_^

  2. The ferry charges 46 RMB for the car and a driver (me) and charged 5 RMB for other passengers (there is no seats for them.) We spent 4 RMB per person on the ferry to enter the private tea deck.

    The ferry needs 1 hour and 30 minutes to get there. There are express ferries for passengers only. It is faster – only 40 minutes, but it is aroud 22 RMB for single trip.

  3. Thanks for taking the trouble to write out the figures. Chongming Island must be quite popular with visitors. :)

  4. Interesting to read about the ferry….particularly without the barrier. I am used to at least a bit of the back of the boat being raised up.

    Do the passenger ferries take bikes?

    Keep up the good work.






  6. I just recently discovered that my dad who is now living in Singapore,age 92, spend some of his early year, age 1-3 in ChongMin or or correctly a small island nearby. I think its Dongtan. His dad was a doctor and was assigned to the district. He seems to have fond memories, though not at all clear.

    Would appreciate if you have any pictures of ChongMing and neighboring islands…past and present.

    I do run occasionally tours to different “new” locations …maybe I would like to organize one to visit the wetlands there.

    Do keep me posted. Thanks for your Blog.

  7. Hi ,

    Read your blog sounds very exciting and thrilling for me , I have been living & working in shanghai for the last few years but never got a chance to visit this Island at all , since I got my own car and idea of driving on Island could be fun , what i need to know is the address and way to get to the right place to baord on ship or ferry .

    I also would like to know some information on staying over nite on the Island . Is it very expensive or affordable .

    would really appreciate your help .


    Richard Brandon

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