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I bought a new handheld lawn mower yesterday and started to mow the loan by hand. I have a 40 sq. meter garden. I constructed an area of floor title of about 20 sq. meters and installed about 20 sq. of lawn. In Shanghai, such large lawn is uncommon. I see most of my neighbor with same size of garden tend to cover all soil with cementing. Oh. No. Watering and mowing a gardern is more interesting than sitting on the large area of cementing.


© Jian Shuo Wang

My lawn is small and I didn’t buy a eletronic or gas lawn mower. A small handheld equipment is good enough for me. I started to read articles on eHow.

7 thoughts on “Mowing Lawn

  1. Now it’s time for BBQ, then you will really enjoy that precious lane !

    Your photo reminds me of myself when I stayed in an apartment in Yanlord Garden, PumingLu, Pudong.

    I bought a hedge-scissor for the job. First time I cut away 2 big black plastic-bags of grass from the 14 sqm.

    If you keep the grass between 5 and 8 cm you can avoid all the creepy-crawly, because the soil will get a chance to dry between the showers, and they only like moisty soil.

    Keep any moss away (by hand) and feed the grass with some NPK-nutritient granulate from time to time, if you want it to grow well and be strong.

    You want to USE your lawn, not only to look at, right ?

    To enjoy your outdoor life to the full extent, buy a huge parasol (aluminium frame) with a light fabric and a set of 4 plastic chairs + table (german quality is best), and a BBQ set made of stainless steel.

    OBI has some good quality stuff – not cheap, but it’s worth it, and it’ll last until you hair turns grey. Expect to use about 2000 RMB. Good luck, Jianshuo !

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