Shanghai Map Viewer 0.5 Restored

In the last few weeks, after moving my server to IpowerWeb, the Shanghai Map Viewer does not work as it well as before. Actually, the IPowerWeb only support Perl and PHP while the previous version 0.71 was written in ASP + Access database.

In the last few days, I migrated the application to PHP version so the original links to this site is not broken. Now, only the most two baisc functions work.

1. Navigate using the thumb view.

2. Navigate via 8 direction arrows.

3. Display places names if it is encoded in URL, such as Jian Shuo Wang’s Pudong Home, or Ramada Hotel (Pudong).

4. You can add a point to the map now and embed the map into any web page.

4 thoughts on “Shanghai Map Viewer 0.5 Restored

  1. Hi WJS, this map is great. However I need some help. I’m trying to locate the company I may be working for. It is located in the first block of Guangfu Road in Putuo district. Could you please help me locate? I cannot seem to find. Thanks

  2. WJS,

    Thank you for your help. I appreciate your effort. If I decide to take this job, this American w/ Chinese face will buy you a Starbucks cappucino!

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