Transition between MagLev and Train

I found a train ticket office at the MagLev Long Yang Station. That means, you can directly buy train ticket from Shanghai Railway Station to any train destinations. Here are the instructions:

1. Get out of the Maglev Station to the ground floor.

2. Turn north (if you still can tell directions) and enter the building of Metro Line #2 Long Yang Rd. Station.

3. Go straightly ahead till to go through the building and reach the Long Yang Rd.

4. Turn back and you will see an outlet of the train ticket office on the first floor of the building.

I believe this piece of information is very helpful to visitors who want to transit to train after leaving Pudong Airport by Maglev.

4 thoughts on “Transition between MagLev and Train

  1. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Could you briefly draw a map? thx.

  2. Hi Jian,

    Thanks to your excellent Maglev info I was able to find the station at Pudong and continue on the #2 train line to Renmin Park.

    I would caution your readers about transferring to the metro, though — especially if they have heavy baggage. My girlfriend and I couldn’t find an escalator down to the actual train platform anywhere in Long Yang station. Also, I tried to buy us a couple of Metro cards from the ticket agent, who waved me off with a terrified look on her face!

    Fortunately there are automated single-fare ticket machines with English displays in every metro station I passed through. I would actually recommend that visitors get a cab the rest of the way into town from the Long Yang Maglev station. They’re very cheap and will get you right to the door of your hotel.

    Once again, a big thank-you for this blog, which was an excellent inspiration to visit your fantastic city :-)

  3. Hello Jian,

    Very helpful information on the train ticket office at Metro 2. Do you the hours of operation for the train ticket office? We are trying to go to Beijing via Shanghai and we have no tickets for the Z train. Do you think is possible to buy the tickets the same day of travel?

    Your information is greatly appeciated,

    Best regards,


  4. Hi! I would be taking metro Line 2 from the Pudong airport. We are carrying several pieces of big baggage

    . Does the station from the airport to Line 2 has an escalator or an elevator? What about the Station at Nanjing east ( where we would get off). is there an escalator there? Thanks. Please answer asap as we will be arriving on May 7 and are thinking of taking the expensive taxi in case that there is no escalator available.

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