Car Expenses

It is not as expensive as I thought to own a car. The parking package under the Metro City is 600 RMB for 24×7 in a month. Otherwise, it is 10 RMB per hour. The packing at the new residential area is 100 RMB per month – not bad. :-D

Now the car has been around for about 900 KM already, including a long march to Hangzhou to put on the Hangzhou car plate. I handed over my car to the dealer and she helped me to drive the car and went through all the required procedures. This is costly – 3500 RMB for everything, but still cheaper than the 43000 RMB bit price in Shanghai.

The gasoline consupmtion is about 70 L now. I filled the tan twice already with 40 L each time. The gasoline price here in Shanghai is 3.27 RMB per L for 93# and 3.07 RMB per L for 90#. What aboutt the prices in other region?

2 thoughts on “Car Expenses

  1. In California, the regular gas is about $2.00 per gallon, which is equivalent to about 4.3 RMB per liter.

  2. here in sydney, is close hanging around 93 to 99.9 cents per litre, because of the price increase of the oil on the market, we get increases like this. it’s around i say, 3.9 to 5.4 yuan per litre.

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