Stealing in Xiang Yang Market

ST’s experience of pickpocket in Xiang Yang Market.


I just came on 20 march to shanghai for holiday. Just found your site and it is great!

Will like to share an incident that happened to me the other day. Was walking along area around Xiang Yang when vendors approached me to ask me to go to their shop. I said no and carried out walking and the vendor pursued me, constantly pestering me and showing me the name card and asking me to go to their shop. I was hassled for about 50 metres and finally she gave up.

However, later I found out the real scam. She had pickpocketed me. Luckily, she could only take my nokia battery which was kept on a travel bag. I realised then that this was similar to the gypsy children in Italy. They asked for money with a placard and underneath the placard was the real sleigh of hand.

The Next time vendors approach me, I know what to expect. I hope your readers will too.

I know this hurts the image of the city greatly. There are so many people on the road between the Metro ShaanXi North Road Station and the market. The 100-meter road is full of “venders”, trying to bring you into their shops. Pay attention to them. I have complained this to some news agencies. I know there must be some reason why the policemen nearby, the market administrator or whomever responsible for this street never stop them. I don’t believe they don’t know it is there. Knowing this and take precaution does not hurt the image of the city as much as having visitors’ wallet stolen there.

Again, personally, I believe Shanghai is safe. I have experienced one stealing (I believe) of Wendy’s mobile several years ago. That is my only experience of stealing during my 9 years in Shanghai. Meanwhile, I have claimed my lost mobile in taxi at the taxi company for twice – the good drivers reported the mobile to the taxi company and finally find me. Well. It is 2 v.s. 1.

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  1. I agree: nothing like this has ever happened to me at Xiang Yang market. It would be a shame when that would change. Only some busses in Shanghai are known for their pickpocketers.

  2. Good story.According your 2 vs 1 ,I could believe that shanghai is a safe city.It was amazing that you could have your mobile that was left in the taxi back in your pocket.The taxi drivers and the taxi company must have been honest to their customers.As for honesty,some people nowadays are not honest enough.They will cheat others in order to benifit from something.They often say “well,it is a cruel society.You do not cheat ,you gotta be cheated.”Yup,he could say that again ,this society is cruel.But If I were him,the later sentence of that statement would be “you are not honest,you gotta be cheated by yourself.”Haha,till now when I am 23 years old,I have never been cheated by others ,maybe that is why my classmates think I am like a child.

  3. Wow, that’s great that you were able to get your phone back…twice!!

    People, especially tourist should know to take extra precausion around crowded areas when traveling. This is not a phenomenon that is unique to Shanghai. Any big city with crowded gathering places, flee markets are places where pick pockets target. For example, some areas in London actually post big signs that says “be aware of pickpockets”. I had my purse pick pocketed in Madrid once. But these things certainly do not diminish the wonderful experiences I had in those cities.

    Anyway just wanted to say that I have always felt safe the few times that I traveled in China, especially for a city of its size.

  4. Interesting; when I traveled to Shanghai I went sight seeing around Yu Yuan Gardens then over to Old Town Street. While looking at the some of sreet hawkers I was approached by a couple of people who looked to be beggars. I jumped back when one of them stepped in front of me and felt the other swipe my wallet from my back pocket. Luckily I was prepared for this, I was carrying two wallets one inside my buttoned jacket pocket which had about $200 U.S. dollars converted to RMB, the other wallet in my back pocket had some dirty tissue for my runny nose. So all they got away with was some old tissue. I still had a very nice time despite this incident and would encourage anybody to enjoy themselves in Shanghai, just make sure you take necessary precautions.

  5. Hi Jian Shou

    Thank you for your great website. It is going to be my first trip to Shanghai and your website helped me greatly, almost as if I am there already.

    Could you help me, re the Maglev, once I reached the Logyang road, how much would it cost me to get Shanghai Xingyu Hotel at Renmin Road?

    Thanks for your great website and help once again.



  6. Dian, ask the driver to go through the new Fuxing Dong Lu tunnel (tunnel = shui-dao), that’s a shorter way.

    Go to the Zhang Yang Lu / Pudong Nan Lu junction. The tunnel entry starts there.

    Another way is to pass the Nanpu Bridge.

  7. I am a National Table Tennis Coach and Trainer and am looking to rent an apartment near the Xiang Yang Market as the training center for my son Austin is across the street from the market. I would like to rent an apartment for June and July if possible.

    Please email me at if you have any comments or suggestions.

    Scott Preiss

    US National Coach and Trainer/Entertainer

  8. hey , can anyone give me information about the xiang yang market . and if possible pictures and aerial views ..

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  9. hi,

    I want to go to shanghai on 3. Mai. Could you tell me where I find a cheap hotel close to xiangyang? answer on my email. please

  10. Thank you very much for your wonderful blog , I enjoi it very much because I were in your town six years ago and I foll in love

    With my best wishe and , please tell us more intersting things Maria Ezcurra

    I beg you perdon for my bad english , I hope you will understand me ,regards to Wendy

  11. Won’t happen in Beijing; ‘arguably’ the safest city in all China, only second to Singapore in the world. No, I’m not kidding. I’ve been living in Beijing for years and hit the road everyday (bus and subway), been cramped like sardines in a can, pushed and yelled at, but not a single case of pickpocket or robbery.

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