Sanya Travelogue – on the Beach

This is the perfect image of a beach in my mind. So it becomes real. I call it a vacation. I do mean vacation. It is the life to lie on the beach and do nothing. It is not travel. When I travel, I will create a very intensive schedule and put as much places into the schedule as possible. Sanya is not the place for this kind of traveler. It offers quiet beach so time can stop there.

View from under the umbrella.

Haha. My two big feet with sands on them.

The sands volleyball site. No body was playing – they are all lying on the comfortable


Wendy was running to me while I lied on the long bench, enjoying the sunlight.

People are so relaxed. They just sit there hours and hours.

Lovely bell hanging near the beach, acting as the warning bell at emercency.

Beach at around 7:00 PM.

10 thoughts on “Sanya Travelogue – on the Beach

  1. Wow! What a beautiful place for your vacation. I bet it was difficult to leave when it was time to come home. Glad you were able to really get away and feel what it’s like to relax. Hawaii always has that effect on us when we go there. Each time we try to stay just a day or two longer than the last time, but we’ve never gotten to the point of feeling like we’ve been there “too long”. The price you paid for such a nice hotel in a good location seems very reasonable by US/Hawaii standards. Maybe we will have to come see Sanya sometime instead of Hawaii — the cheaper cost for accommodations could pay for the difference in plane fare!

  2. Wow! This is a lot different than I remember Sanya from a few years back. When I went with my father and brother, there wasn’t much to do there except the beach. The most we could think of was renting a motorcycle around town.

    I don’t know what part of town it was, but it was mainly deserted. My (personal) preference is still Thailand, but I think I will go back to Sanya sometime.

  3. jianshuo,

    I love these beach photos. They make you feel so relax just by simply look at them.

    I also want to let you know that I visited the sanya articles before and after you changed your webhost to ipowerweb. The loading speed had improved tremendously. This is especially true when the article has extensive pictures such as the sanya, and daocheng scenary. Before the ipowerweb, I used to hit the stop button on my browser because it took too long to load the pictures.

    Just to let you know that you have switched to a very fast host company and now we can enjoy lots of good pictures from you and your friends. Bravo!

  4. I have heard a lot of Sanya. It’s great if you do not have the chance to experience other countries.

    Near Shanghai (3 hours flight time) is the Philippines country.

    My girlfriend and me have been there two times in the beginning of this year, now we’re always longing back, looking forward to the next chance

    for a holiday there !

    She got a diving license like me, and now we dive together, great !

    Philippines is not as expensive like Thailand, and the people speak english, and all signs and most notices are in english. The second language is Tagalog, of course a mystery for foreigners, but much easier to learn.

    See the new article from Michael Cole in “That’s Shanghai” :

  5. Hi, I am interested in investing a small holiday home in sanya. Could you send me some information,please. Thank You.

  6. I am looking to visit Sanya in August and looking for a good 5 star hotel on a beautiful beach. Any suggestions? Also, how is the food there? We would be coming from Hong Kong and are Westerners.

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    As well there is a section of photos, but not of the usual tourist sites.

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