Sanya Travelogue – Flying to Sanya

Our flight from Shanghai to Sanya left Pudong Airport at 16:20 on our Anniversary.

I was waiting for Wendy to pick up the flight ticket in the newly opened BreadTalk in Metro City. It was freezing in Shanghai, and I didn’t wear too much cloth, preparing for the summer in Sanya, Hainan.


© Jian Shuo Wang. In BreadTalk.

Look at the astonishing buildings and the crazy road on the Nanpu bridge. I could not bear to live in the gray city any more. I hoped to escape to the beach as soon as possible.


© Jian Shuo Wang. On Pudong Airport Bus #3, passing by the Nan Pu Bridge.


© Jian Shuo Wang. Flight from Shanghai to Sanya.

The trip was 2 hours and 50 minutes. It was one of the happiest trip I have ever experienced. I have to say sorry to my back up Linda and Xiao Wen during my OOF. I left all the business stuff in Shanghai and only brought my wife to the lovely island. Haha. That is so difference than business trips.

Late Arrival at Sanya

After arriving in Sanya Phenix airport, it was completely dark outside. Wendy booked the Holiday Inn in Yalong Bay area.

About Sanya


© Microsoft Encarta. Sanya map in courtesy of Encarta

Sanya is the south most city in Hainan Province, thus almost the south most city in China. It has great beaches and fresh air. Its air quality ranked the second best among the whole world (which city is the best? I am also wondering). It is said the average life length in Sanya is 80 years.

11 thoughts on “Sanya Travelogue – Flying to Sanya

  1. WJS, you wrote: Its air quality ranked the second best among the whole world (which city is the best? I am also wondering).

    I’ve actually been to Sanya twice. The last time was Dec of 2003. I stayed at the Sheraton Sanya and I’ve been to the Holiday Inn Sanya for dinner. While I do appreciate Sanya very much and I expect to visit frequently to get away from the megalopolis Shanghai, I certainly can’t imagine where you got that claim from. The air quality of Sanya may be pretty decent in China, but it certainly can’t be the second best in the world. You’ve been to San Francisco and Seattle. What did you think of the air quality in Seattle? Have you visited Hawaii?

    I can perhaps believe that Sanya has the second best air quality in China, but I certainly can’t believe it’s the second best in the whole world.

    Glad you were able to visit Sanya and stay at the Holiday Inn. You truly live a very nice life for a Chinese citizen living in China. If all Chinese citizens in China could lead a life like yours, then I’d truly be happy for China and its people.

  2. We are making our second trip to Hainan from Shanghai. Last year we went to Haikou. After you great description, we are excited and looking forward to our stay at the resort. We will let you know of our experiences as well.

  3. Sanya’s air quality ranks second in the world, according to a 1995 assessment by the World Health Organization. Sample it for yourself my friend.

  4. Hello

    We’ll be travelling to hainan in january. We want to go to sanya, can anyone suggest us which is the best way to tavell from haikou to sanya

  5. “Sanya’s air quality ranks second in the world, according to a 1995 assessment by the World Health Organization. Sample it for yourself my friend.”

    Is a myth kept alive by the local travel agencies. Perhaps Sanya has the cleanest air in China, but if you look at any global map of world air pollution, the air here in Sanya is still considered to be some of the worst on the planet. China’s air pollution is significantly affecting California, thousands of miles away. Sanya is only a couple hundred miles away from mainland China. In the winter, when it’s easy to tell the air mass is coming from the mainland (cold air), the air in Sanya is every bit as dirty as on the mainland. You can practically eat it. More and more of my Chinese friends are complaining of perpetual respiritory ailments. Also, the claim of the average life expectancy being 80 is simply ridiculous. I think it would be more accurate to say that most Chinese on Hainan live to be 50, but due to the air pollution and skin damaging UVA and UVB from the sun, and the general lack of dental hygiene, the average 50 year old looks to be 80!

    Anyways, I did enjoy reading about Sanya! For me, it’s the ONLY liveable city in China!

  6. @Sanya Expat, although you said it in an exaggerated way, I got your point. I posted the article in 2004. At that time, I was still in the stage to believe many of the local news. Now, as you, I don’t believe the claim of “second of the world” stuff.

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