OOB for Wedding Anniversary

OOB = Out of Blogging

Today is the one year anniversary of my marriage. On March 17 last year, Wendy and I got our marriage certificate. As some may confuse, the date of getting the marriage certificate and the wedding ceremony are typically two events. Typically, people will get the certificate first and prepare for the grant wedding ceremony in the next 6-12 months.

From this afternoon, we will fly to Hai Nan for sunny vacation. It is 28°C there. We will be back this Saturday. I know I have spent too much time with my laptop (for business and for blogging), so I decided not to bring my laptop with me. So we have some quiet time there. So you can expect my next update this Saturday.

6 thoughts on “OOB for Wedding Anniversary

  1. Have a wonderful, restful, well-deserved vacation, Jian Shuo! (Great idea not to take the laptop) Happy Anniversary congratulations to you and the lovely Wendy :)

  2. Happy Aniversary !

    and I also think it is the best idea to leave the labtop at home.

    ( don’t cheat, no internet cafe neither ! )

  3. Wow! You are now leaving Shanghai for real Honeymoon. As you said, it’s confusing me but anyhow marriage is marriage. Congratulations on your marriage and anniversary. Enjoy the trip.

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