After I wrote the title, I realized it is not blocked. It was ordered to be shutdown.

As one of the three blog service providers (others are and, blogbus did very well job to innovate and add more functions. However, it is forced to shut down due to political blogs.


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Translation: Due to unauthorized content of some individual users, web server temperorily shut down. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. We are sorry for the inconvinience this brought to you. 2004.03.11

I have a wonderful talk with the site owner Hengge during a meetup of Isaac. I know how passionate he was for blogging service and how much effort they put into the site. The pressure is there. Feel it or not.

Caution: You are Reading an Illegal Site

As I posted before, My Site Remains Illegal in China. Don’t be surprised if this site post similar notice one day (or disappear with no notice). Anyway, I am not a good citizen and didn’t follow the current law well enough.

11 thoughts on “ Blocked

  1. Jian shuo,

    I noticed this morning that and (where my Chinese blog is) both have disappeared. Do you think this is government action forcing them to shut down, or maybe they just shut down their servers in order to search for and remove politcally sensitve blogs in order to try and avoid direct government action? I don’t care if the government shuts the servers down, mei banfa, but I just wish I had a chance to make copies of all my posts so that I could put them on a new server (that’s something I say I’m going to do everytime goes offline, but that I immediately “forget” to do when they come back online, procrastination is a disease :) .)

  2. What is the better translation for “Wei Jin”: “Unauthorized” ? or “Forbidden” ?

  3. The proverbial dike that is keeping Chinese from expressing themselves freely is crumbling and the government is just rushing around sticking their thumbs in the holes. Despite many claims that things are opening up, it’s the same old government: when something comes out that you don’t like, censor censor censor and pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s really very sad to think how vibrant the Chinese intellectual community could be were it allowed to express itself in a free society.

  4. Jian Shuo, how long will the two providers (blogbus and blogcn) be shut down? What do you think? Will they go live ever? Or is this temporary? What’s happening there?

  5. I don’t know, Jim. I expect it to open in one or two weeks, after the Jian Cha (or the letter to admit their mistakes from the provider owners are approved). However, I am afraid 24 hour security will be added to all blog providers, as always required by the Chinese internet regulations.

  6. Hi there!

    i am trying harder every day to find a job in shanghai or china AND i’d like to keep a blog if (when) i move there..

    wordpress is banned in china (not always but most of the time i was there at least!) so i wonder which blogs are most likely to be visible (so then i start now with name i like)..

    i read different things about blogspot..

    and i do not want to use myspace..


    thanks – xie xie1

    andy – aikidude

  7. @andy – aikidude

    host your own blog…

    about 100$us/year and it include a free domain name

    it’s in California… fast enough in China, you can host your own WordPress engine blog in one click (1 click install)

    if you stay clear from politics, you should be ok and not be censored

    good luck

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