Benz Taxi Accepts Credit Card

Benz Taxi accepts credit card and the price is the same.

I took a picture of the Benz taxi yesterday. From the picture, you can see the taxi begin to accept credit card. It is not news in U.S., but in Shanghai, it is historical change in a city where even PizzaHut does not accept credit card.

The price is the same as any other taxi, 10 RMB per km. I begin to wonder it is reasonable? They have to pay the service fee, and equipments for using credit cards.

Benz taxi on the road.

7 thoughts on “Benz Taxi Accepts Credit Card

  1. Hi! I think it’s the image of the taxi company that might eventually bring the financial benefit. If more people call up the company that provides fancy cars for the normal price, thinking they’ll have the change to drive in one of them, the company will earn the investment back – not directly, but indirectly. :-)

  2. Credit card is often associated with prestige, the same goes for the Benz. ;) Though one do wonder on why they didn’t charged extra (for both the credit card feature and the Benz feature), was it just P.R. like it was once said here before, or is there something else behind it (like monitoring the profile of each person travel habit, it’s easily done if you use a mobile phone as a locator device and a credit card to give the identification)?

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