Pudong or Puxi

I am facing the hard decision to move to Pudong or stay in Puxi. The decision leads to two completely different lifestyles.

Pudong is very attractive as an ideal place to live – the green lands, the fresh air, wide roads, and less population.

However, only Puxi (west band of the river) presents the amazing city of Shanghai – the history, the skyscrapers, decent stores, the culture, and the great restaurants.

Pudong means a big house with a car.

Puxi means the exciting life I am so passionate about.

So…… it is a hard decision.

17 thoughts on “Pudong or Puxi

  1. I say go for Puxi. Pudong looks deserted as far as I can tell, not exactly the exciting life. It’s impressive to look at..from across the river. But it honestly seems more like some giant urban planning experiment than a real, liveable city. I guess it might someday be lively and exciting…but I don’t really know if you want to wait 15-20 years for that :). Puxi all the way!

  2. Puxi is definitely the idea place to live, if you don’t consider house price. It has been already not easy to find any good houes in Puxi with less than 10,000 per sq. meter. The house with lower price, either have no enough sunlight or the house is too old. In Pudong, most are brand new houses with reasonable price.

  3. three and a half years ago, a nice apartment near HengShan Road can still be found around RMB10,000/Square meter. Now it is definitely mission impossible.

  4. I definately agree with rangew. Pudong is for investment for long term. However, I don’t think I need to spend the most wonderful time in my life in Pudong just for investment. Maybe after the real estate goes up in Pudong and the life is as decent in Puxi, I may consider be there.

  5. PUXI !

    I am currently living in Pudong, there is nothing to do.. I spend most of my free time in Puxi (shops,people etc..)

    “Gillou Fa guo ren”…

  6. pudong is the americans dream come true in china. only problem is pudong is so close to puxi and the fact that it is a Chinese land, pudong will start to look like puxi in a matter of decades.

    You can make a Chinese an American .

  7. There are many many wonderful and nice building in Pudong area.

    Great Place to visit for foreigners and tourists.

    I like go to the starbucks at waitan riverside. Very good view!!

  8. Pudong will overtake Puxi as the most desireable place to live/work/play in a few years. Give it 3-5 more years and Puxi will be history :)

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