Always-Red Pedestrian Signs

Hey. The traffic signs are still not working!

I talked about pedestrian signs at Cao Xi Rd. North 漕溪北路 and Nan Dan Rd. 南丹路 were already read in four directions in this article: Traffic Rule in Shanghai.

Click here to see the map of the point with my Map Viewer.

Tonight, when I passed by the cross road, I found the signs were all red again during the ten minutes when I was there. Faint!

I believe at least I can call the authorities to fix this small bug of the city – a bug that existed for 8 months already. Haha.

Michalle told me that if there is no professional customer, there is no professional service. If customers never give feedbacks, if they don’t send compliment letter when they receive good service, or don’t complain if the service is bad, there is barely no chance for the service to improve. I tend to be the complainer so other people don’t need to complain after the problem is fixed. Haha.

3 thoughts on “Always-Red Pedestrian Signs

  1. True, however if customers know most likely the bug won’t be fixed even after they report, then why bother? – That’s what’s happening in China.

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