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  1. Wow. This is nice!! :-) I used to live at Yu An Zhong Lu, but now that place is replaced by expensive apartments and lots and lots of high rises. It was kind of sad when I went back there for my winter break and saw the whole place gone, hehe.

  2. Hello WangJianShuo! It’s Josephine–a former ComSpec. I somehow found your page when I typed in Microsoft Shanghai into Google. It’s nice to read about your life. Hope all is well in Shanghai and hope work and life are great! Take care.

  3. JS, this is great stuff you have here. I just used your map tool to locate a property in PuTuo district close to SuZhou river. I just wanted to know what orientation the property would have in regards to N,S,E,W. Thx!

  4. I’m an italian student, i will work in Lujiazui East Road.could you tell me a good place to live as a student?where can i rent an apartment?

  5. Jian Shuo Wang- This map was really helpful. A friend of mine is moving to Shanghai and I wanted to show her where she will be living. It’s hard to find an online map of Shanghai that includes the outer areas of Shanghai AND their streets. Thanks!

  6. You have a quite a detail map that was never found on the net thus far. But I was a little disaapointed that all are only written in chinese character. How wonderful if you can reproduce the same one for those who can only read english map. If you do, the audience you can reach will be tremendous and much far reachings that you can ever imagine. Keep up the good work.

  7. I have visited Shanghai a few times last year and found your map to be quite helpful. However, given a numerical street address, e.g. ” 123 Nanjing Road”, it is hard to know exactly which block it is on. Is there a Shanghai map, online or offline, that shows the starting and/or end address number for each city block, or at least for the major road? or is there a web page or other document describes the address system for Shanghai?

    Thanks a lot,

  8. will you please share this prodection with me?

    I want to make a map for my hometown–kunming

    please write a mail back if you are free, thanks

  9. Hi, jianshuo,

    it’s my first time to come to visit your blog due to a friend’s recommendation. What a nice and informative site! I did not notice that I have spent almost 3 hours on reading your posts (wow, maybe get fired because of that ^_^). One thing I would like to ask for your help is that if it’s possible for you to share with me how you did for this amazing map viewer. I am thinking of doing the same thing.

    Where did you find the map source? Is it just a image data? Do you need to buy a licence for it?

    I would appreciate if you could provide some information.


    best regards,


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  11. Hi – could you indicate in English the Tongji University Campus on Siping Road which I shall shortly be visiting. The more that can be indicated in English would be an advantage for us non-Mandarin speakers! Thanks

  12. Where is Hong Song Lu, Lane 81. Anyone know? Do you have an English map showing it?

  13. Excellent work, I truly appreciate your effort.

    I would love to see a searchable pinyin version.

    All the best!

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