Abandon of One Entry Per Day Rule

When I wrote my first entry in 2002 (that was long time ago), I have decided to create one and only one entry everyday. It was to resist my attempt to write more entries per day at the very beginning. I know if I do that, I will lose the passion of writing very soon and the blog won’t last long. The history repeated itself for many times on me. It is called Hu Tou She Wei (虎头蛇尾). It is to describe something with an ambitious start as the head of a tiger but end up with nothing as the tail of a snake.

Time proofed the rule is quite helpful. The rule helped to balance the pace of the blogging. If there are two or more interesting topics, I will not write it in one day and may keep it on the list. If some day I don’t have any topic, I will take a look of the list and choose one to write.

Now, after 519 days of blogging, I am quite sure that I will not abandon blogging easily since it is a habit. It is the homework I have to do everyday before I go to bed. The rule has become an impediment to create a timely update. Sometimes, I have to put several irrelevant topics under the same title (the same entry) if I do have to write about it.

So I decided to carefully abandon the rule I created for myself. From now on, I may post more than on entry per day, but don’t expect it.

My topics will still cover the following aspect:

Shanghai – the amazing city.

Geek Happiness – I enjoy the cool (but sometimes less useful) things I can create with the latest technology.

Daily Life – what the life of a normal person in this big city is.

Thanks for listening.

4 thoughts on “Abandon of One Entry Per Day Rule

  1. Interesting!! I swear I had this Hu Tou She Wei when I started my own blog. Now it just sits in the stale corner of the Internet, waiting to be updated. (Hmmm, must be my busy college life, but still…) :-)

  2. Having a queue/list of future blog is really helping for beginners of blogging such as me to keep daily upadte with one entry.

    I’ve been practicing this. But well, things were not that easy. Coz I want my blog near the same quality as what Jianshuo does on his own, I don’t want a less quality one on my blog. Otherwise, I’d rather leave that day no update before I can write a better quality blog someday later.

    That’s the dilemma I confront. Any suggestions for me?

  3. To me, at the time I started blogging, the definition of blogging means update at least once everyday. So I prefer no matter what happened, drop a line to tell the readers to say what happened that day, what is important, and why it is important. If you have to pause for several days, post a notice about the pause. The reason behind the pause may also be interesting.

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