Xiangyang Market – the Shopping Paradise

Want to know the must-visit shopping places in Shanghai? Want to buy the world’s most famous clothing, shoes, and watch brands, but don’t want to pay as high as it is labeled in department stores?Xiang Yang Rd. Market is the right place for you.


© Jian Shuo Wang

World Famous Brands

They have North Face, Diesel, Nike, Rolex, Gucci, Prata, etc. Since China has been the manufacture base of world famous brand cloths, the cost of the famous cloths are actaully very low compared to their market price. I believe they are so cheap becaues some of the cloths are knock-offs or factory seconds. Others are just the original goods but got to the market via unknown channel. I guess they should not be allowed to be put on market with the Nike’s brand but with the out-of-factory price.

Anyway, you can get the finest quality with surprising price there. The sweater should be around 100 RMB (12 USD) and a pair of good shoes should be 100-150 RMB (12 – 20 USD). The North Face cloths should be 100-200 RMB.


© Jian Shuo Wang


Whatever you do, do not pay anything half of the first price.

Often you can get the goods at about 1/3 of the original price if you are good at bargain. They are quoted at least as twice as or higher of the real price. For foreigners, they quote much higher.


© Jian Shuo Wang

Fake Goods

Beside the cheap genuine goods (either seconds or knock-offs), they also have fake goods – goods that are labeled as the famous brands but actually not.

One typical example is the fake Rolex watch. Guess how much is a Rolex diamond watch that is 18,000 RMB (2100 USD) in Xiang Yang Market? It sells at 100 RMB (12 USD) only. Of cause they are not real Rolex watch, but it is so similar with the genuine watches. At least the watches are very well made with finest handcraft skills. Fake goods are not displayed in the shops, but almost all stores selling watch will show you their secret box if you ask for them.


Never follow those who attempt to sell you goods outside the market. Typically, they charges extremely high.

Location of Xiang Yang Market

It is between the Xiang Yang Rd. and the Shan Xi North Rd. The easiest way to get there is by Metro. Turn to the right (where most people will go) at the Parkson Departmenet Store exit at Shan Xi South Rd. Station.


Map in courtesy of the original map author and modified by Jian Shuo Wang

131 thoughts on “Xiangyang Market – the Shopping Paradise

  1. Where is Qipu Road? Can someone write it out in Simplified Chinese for easy location in a SH map index? Thanks.

  2. xiangyang market is showpiece to the world on china’s huge problem of piracy and making knockoffs (its an imitation thus a fake). it should be shut down by the local authorities but instead it is shown to the world as a “tourist” spot for “cheap” branded goods. there is nothing that is real and authentic at xiangyang market, only fake items galore. and the annoying and irritating persons hanging around , pestering tourists to buy the fake goods at all corners and streets over one city block east west south north of the area makes the whole place congested and unpleasant to walk around.

    loacl people and that include all the foreign tourists should boycott this spot as it promotes all sorts of shady businesses and unwanted consequences that comes with it. do u know who are the persons making money off this? criminal syndicates that propagates this are the one getting rich and in turn get into more criminal activities that requires more capital. and who loses? the person that buys and also that didn’t buy from these peddlers of fake items.

    shanghai should wake up and get a grip on this “tourist” spot and start to clean up their act by arresting people seeling fake items at xiangyang market!!!

  3. mr. wang, as a blogger with conscience, u should stop promoting acts of piracy and stop promoting spots like these to the world. there are numerous multinational companies that are losing millions of dollars to the pirates. and without these international companies investing in china, there wouldn’t be a shanghai as u see it as of today. please think thru your personal actions and its repercussions before putting up recommendations that have wide and far ranging effects.

  4. Disguested,

    1) Thanks for your comment. I respect the diversity of oppion.

    2) I agree with you on the point that piracy is a very big problem in China and it has caused millions dallor of lose for multinational companies. I didn’t prompt the act of piracy of buying piracy goods by any means. By choosing a topic in my blog, I don’t endorse the rightness of the action or the status.

    3) I don’t have the confident to say that Xiang Yang market should be shut down since based on the information I got, all the goods displayed on the market are legal and with good quality. I may made a mistake here. Anyone can explain this?

    4) Distinguish those who hanging on the street and selling fake bags (typically LV bags) and watches with the stroes in the market. The management of the market has a big problem and thus so many people are there but the police and the administration seem to be unaware of this. Why?

  5. Xiangyang market looks lively and cozy. I like such a place personally. Meantime, several questions to ask you, many people buy clothing, shoes, household goods more at open markets such as xiangyang? or it’s more or less exceptions, and people buy more at department store or hypermarket? How about foods? Do Shanghainese buy daily foods at supermarket, or local food shop or open market? or mixed? Thanks in advance.

  6. tane, if you ask me, for normal people with good income, people will buy cloths only in department store. The Xiang Yang market is absolutely one exception – most other open market sells very cheap and low quality goods only.

    For foods, higher income people will buy at supermarket while house wife will buy foods in open market. This is the most simplified answer I can give. Of cause always remember that there are so many people with different income levels. If there is open market for cloths, it means there will be people buying cloths there. It is the same for department stores. They just target to different market.

  7. Thanks for your input. In fact, because I have been engaged in retail industry, I can imagine how it’s like. As far as I know, Chinese prefer 熱騰騰 (?), freshly baked, freshly grilled… and I assume large supermarket must be less capable than open market or local food shop…. Have a nice meals!

  8. “Chinese prefer 熱騰騰 (?), freshly baked, freshly grilled…” You can say it again for people in China, but not in Shanghai. The fast pace of the city made it a leisure to enjoy the freshly baked or grilled goods. Supermarket is still the No. 1 choice to buy foods. Open market is used for groceries only. In addition, super malls like Carrefour already offer freshly baked bread and freshly grilled goods in Shanghai.

  9. such kind of open markets are very common in China. They are quite different from the outlets in Europe or in North America. Most likely those brand-name you will buy in Xuishui Str. or Xiangyang Rd. are faked items. I don’t agree that goods there are in good quality.and i doubt that many consumers go there for the quality. Price is a big temptation !!! maybe vanity drives as well.

    I myself went Xiou shu jie in BJ serveral years ago with full curiosity and liked to try my luck. but I came back empty-handed and disppointed. Shopowners were mainly selling brand tags instead of the clothes as a whole. The pure silk products there were out of style,ugly and not cheap, either. Additionally, the time you spend in picking up a bearable one , then bargaining with a foxy salesperson is not worthy.

    I personally believe good quality deserves a good price. if I can not afford a brand-name,I wouldn’t bother to take a faked one. what’s it for?

    For many years, brand management is always a big challenge to many serious businesspersons in China,because they have to spend a lot of time and money to fight against the faked goods and the markets like that. What’s the reason behind?

  10. Hi ! Is this market still opened ? Cause we heard that it will be closed soon ! Is that true ?



  11. Sounds Great. Was saving for disney holiday in florida. Thats gone going here instead. Thanks.

  12. What time does the Xiangyang Market close? Will arrive into Shanghai at 4:00pm and transiting to leave the following morning at 8:00am


  13. May I use part of your article and pictures for my report?I work for an multinational Co.which appears in sb’s comments.

  14. i think this market is one of the best markets in the world since it is cheap and fake but these fakes are good quality not as good as the real ones but these will do

    i have bought stuff here now 3 years and i have had no bad things except once where an aold woman was bugging me to coem to her show

  15. Wei Jian Shuo Wang,

    Hi, I am visiting Shanghai soon. Thanks for your fantastic website.

    I am going to stay Motel168. i want to confirm that it is not too far to walk to Metro, go to Xiang Yang Market (it looks pretty close on the map).

    Also, what is easiest way to get from Pudang Airport to Motel168.



  16. Hi,

    I am visiting Shanghai in a week. Can you tell me what can I buy in Qipu (brandname? seconds or knockoffs?). Can you bargain at Qipu, like Xianyang?

    Also, I like to know where dothe locals go to shop for bargain stuffs?

    Thanks and waiting to hear from you soon.

  17. Jian Shuo

    Your site is informative and the pictures are all very well taken. Besides skill, what camera are you using?

    Do you have a map/article on Shanghai Dongjiadu Textile Cloth market or point me where I can get there once in Shanghai?

    Thank you

  18. Sony P8

    I guess it is near Jing An Temple in the west side of the city. I suggest everyone who are so familiar with Shanghai to take taxi since it is easier and not so expensive. After you get used to the place and you can find ways through buses or metro.

  19. Ni hao Jian Shuo,

    How cold is Shanghai in December? Normaly raining in Dec? Do I need to bring my over coat with me? Is it safe to go around town by myself? Is taxi the best transport for someone who never been to Shanghai?

    Thank you and best regards!

  20. Taxi is definitely the best option for you if your place is not near a Metro Station. If the destination is near Metro, metro is faster and cheaper.

    It is safe to go everywhere in the downtown by yourself. I don’t worry if a girl go home alone at night.

    Shanghai is cold in december, but it never (or very rare) reaches freezing point. A coat should do since more clothes do not help that much. Search for weather in this blog for more information.

  21. Please tell me if Xiang Yang Market going to be closed soon. Where else can we go shopping cause I like street market. It’s amusing.

    Where can we find good cheap DVD for Hollywood/French/movied in Shanghai ?

  22. As someone who knows a lot about the design and manufacture of outdoor wear, I can tell you this:

    Some of the fakes you can find at Xiang Yang (if you shop very carefully) are virtually at the *same* quality level as the brand names they imitate.

    Consider this: The famous brands only use contract factories in places like China to manufacture their “high-end” products. All the materials originate in Asia, the nylon and polyester fabrics, the laminates, the hardware, and the exterior coatings. The intrinsic cost to manufacture a full-fledged, fully-equipped outdoor jacket with all the correct hardware and surface treatments is *not* anywhere near the retail price in USA or Europe! This stuff is nylon and polyester, which literally spews out from giant looms in China. North Face, Nike, – not one of those brands manufacture anywhere in any economy higher than China, period. Whether it’s bound for the North Face store in Berkeley, or any other market, it’s made in harsh labor conditions by factories that are squeezed down to the penny by their “high end” Western contractees.

    I spent a whole day at Xiang Yang, turning jackets inside-out and scrutinizing down to the smallest esoteric detail (for example, the way armpit vent slashes are stitched and terminated under the lining, right into the hot-taped Gore-coated seams – none of which can be seen without removing the inner lining).

    While a lot of the stuff tourists are exposed to is fake junk, some of it [at Xiang Yang market] is of top quality. With focused bargaining, the two jackets I bought there were just a small adder above the true cost of manufacture. You really do have to be careful, and most of what you will see is junk or so-so. Pay close attention to detail and set aside at least a few hours to do careful research if you want to buy anything.

  23. i’ve been to shanghai 3 times in the past 5 months for work and i must say that’s it’s one of the most amazing cities i have ever been to……and i know this is going to sound really stupid but i love Xiang Yang market. i’m one of those people that look really carefully at what i buy and believe me i’ve bought a lot of stuff a the market and it’s all really really good quality…..back home no one believes when i say that it’s all fake and especially when i tell them how much i paid for it.

    ex: why buy a gucci bag for $500 when you can get one for $15??

  24. Besides xiang yang street, I heard there is a market call huating street rite? I want to buy women working suit, of course cheap and reasonable price, where should I go? I want to buy antique design watch also..can you tell me where to get them?

    Besides siao long bau, what other local food that are popular in Shanghai?

  25. Xiangyang is one of the favourite place of visit in Shanghai. I’ve only been there twice in the past 2-years. Last week, I had been there. Ofcourse, knock-offs are knock-offs. The saying “price does not lie” is true, especially in Xiangyang. But my country’s culture of having to bring gifts from wherever you travel, for friends and relatives at home, compells me to go and get whole lotta stuff in Xiangyang. Where else can you get a complete set of Titleist golf for less that RMB 1,000 (a little over USD 120). Or Bruberry Scarfs for RMB 7 … just for the fun of it, yeah!

    I have had some bad experience of being given changes of counterfeit RMB 50, but it is a great memento of Shanghai.

    If Xiangyang is so bad, let us not go there, and let the Chinese goverment shut it down. But while it is there, I am going to go there again when I visit Shanghai.

  26. Do they sell sports shoes (nike) and sports (gym wear) too in Xiangyang market?

  27. Do they sell sports shoes (nike) and sports (gym wear) too in Xiangyang market?

  28. Hi,

    I am a danish student of anthropology, and I am currently preparing a 6 months fieldwork research on local markets in Shanghai. I would like to learn more about the lives of people, who are working in the markets. Who are they? Are they immigrants from the countryside? How much do they earn from the market jobs? What are their relations to the authorities? How do they organize the markets economically and politically? How come they chose this certain way of surviving economically? Where do they get their commodities from, etc.

    If anybody knows more about markets such as the Xiangyang or similar one, (selling “fake” commodities) or the people who work there, or know somebody, who does, I would be very interested.

    Also, as I don’t speak chinese, I would like to know, if anybody could recommend a (cheap) interpreter for interviews, or (social science) researchers, who work in this area.

    Kindly regards,


  29. What hotels are close to Xiang Yang Market and in the heart of Shanghai so we do not need to take a taxi.

  30. Is Huating Market closed already? What is the best place to shop for fashionable and trendy and cheap clothing?

  31. The Jin Jiang Hotels (new and old), and the Garden Hotel are within 2-4 blocks of the Xiang Yang market. The RuiJin Hotel is 5-6 blocks away.

    I’m sure there are others, but those come to mind.

  32. I am going to Shanghai in a couple weeks and I have a few questions about the xianyiang lu market.

    First, I head authorities have been cracking down on counterfeits. I was wondering if it was still possible and easy to purchase quality reproductions of branded goods.

    Also I was wondering if they sell shoes at the market, like Nikes or Timberlands perhaps.

    I know that they sell brands such a Louis Vuitton, Polo, and North Face at the stalls, but do they also have brands such as Lacoste, Timberland, Sean John, Ecko Unlimited, Nike, Reebok, Rocawear, and Fubu?

    I hope someone can answer these questions so my trip to Shanghai will go well.

  33. I am in search of a shop or whole sale dealer, so that, I can export some ladies clothes to USA, one of my friend is interested and would like to do it as soon as possible, Plz do direct me for the same. I would be gratefull to you if you can help me in this matter please.

  34. Jonathan wrote:

    “I know that they sell brands such a Louis Vuitton, Polo, and North Face at the stalls, but do they also have brands such as Lacoste, Timberland, Sean John, Ecko Unlimited, Nike, Reebok, Rocawear, and Fubu?”

    Last time I was there, I didn’t find any Lacoste, Timberland and the other brands you mention. They mostly sell Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and North Face, sometimes also Boss. There are some shoes, yes, but I don’t know whether they are fake or not. I think fake, because Nike shoes are produced in Thailand or the Phillipines.

  35. Am a travelling to china to look for wholesale ladies fashion clothes and accessories. can anyone advise on where to go. have been to bangkok, hong kong and shenzen, all of which are fantastic but need to widen my horizons!

  36. Ralph Lauren, Nike and Hollywood are criminal syndicates too! :-) I have no Problem with them getting damaged…why should i pay 80$ for a product that was produced for 5$ and the ones that suffer from such a policy are the factory workers…. You say Quality? Oh well, after you washed your original Ralph Lauren Polo 10x or wore your original Nikes for half a year, they are unwearable anyways.

    IMO those fakes are produced in the same factorys as the originals anyways….

  37. The Judge

    have you ever worn a new pair of genuine Nikes into the ocean surf and then smelled them afterwards? Phheeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!

  38. I am chinese and I can help the foreigner for a good price because most of them paid very expensive….I speak quite well english but french is my language alors contactez moi si vous ne voulez pas vous faire carotte hihi !!!

  39. i was wondering if i can get some cloths sent to me

    i want to sell them in the markets, can u help ?

  40. I’m in the market for sports clothing, expecially bike clothing. Are there any in the Xiangyang Market? I’ll be leaving for Shanghai in a couple of days. ASAP response would be appreciated.

  41. I will be in Shanghai the second week of November. I am looking for Pashmina scarves and Dooney & Bourke handbags. Where will I find the best values for these items? Thanks!

  42. I just returned from the market. It is a little crazy. One has to endure constant badgering and pulling from the vendors. It is worse for Westerners. Take a Chinese person to help you if you can. Also, be prepared to haggle hard walk away after they say final price. They will follow you. They know the guy two or three booths down has the same stuff. True capitolism in a communest country does my heart good.

  43. Xiang Yang market is an experience every tourist who visits Shanghai should have. Lets face it, you don’t actually have to buy anything if your Moralistic stance on fake goods is so strong.

    I have an opinion that if these designer outlets such as LV..GUCCI..PRADA, wern’t so greedy and pathetic with their outlandish prices, maybe copying of fake goods wouldn’t be such an issue.

    Xiang Yang is safe. There are security guards all around the place making sure order is kept as best they can, and having been there dozens of times over the last 2 years, I have never once felt threatened or scared , even though on many occasions I’ve been alone.

  44. i´ll stay in shanghai next week. Can anybody tell me where can y buy a compact flash 1gb tarjet for the digital camera?And the price?

    And, some good rock bars? I have read about C´s and Harleys.

  45. Hello,

    I am looking for a small and reasonable apartment to rent for the month of October 06, close to ECNU.

    How do I get there from Pudong Airport?

    Thank you very much for your assistance.

  46. For rent, you’d better call an agency in Shanghai to help you. To get there from Pudong Airport, you’d better take bus route #3 to Hong Qiao and take taxi there – taxi is not expensive in Shanghai.

  47. CHINA’S thriving business in pirate versions of Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi may soon be at an end after Shanghai city authorities closed a market famous for fake designer goods.

    Piracy is a multibillion-pound business in China, and nearly all the designer clothes sold on the streets are fake. But the Government wants to be seen to be doing something about the problem as it tries to boost its international image, and has decided to drive the pirates off the streets.

    Xiangyang Road market was just off the main shopping street of Huaihai Road, and the fake Rolexes and designer goods sold were sought after by tourists and local people alike. It is the first target of the Government’s crackdown, but others are certain to follow.

    Shanghai is not the only target of the campaign. This week a Beijing court awarded its first copyright damages against the city’s famous Silk Alley market, which also peddles pirate wares, after Burberry, Chanel, Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton sued the landlord.

    The landlord and vendors have been ordered to pay £7,400 in compensation in what is being seen as a test case. Also this week the American coffee chain Starbucks won its case against a Chinese rival called Xingbake, which is the Chinese translation of Starbucks.

    Silk Alley, which is near the US Embassy, was recently refurbished to become more of a mall than a market. There is little sign of a campaign against piracy, and most of the big brands are still on display. Some of the counterfeit goods are obvious: adidas spelt Adiddass, and shirts with Hugo Boss labels but Ralph Lauren logos. For other items, such as amazingly good copies of Hermès handbags, touts approach potential buyers and take them to nearby lanes to show what they have to offer.

    Most vendors believe that the campaign will merely force them to sell their wares more discreetly. Many of the goods are produced in factories in the provinces, often with local government backing, so production is unlikely to slow.

    The crackdown has extended to all areas of piracy. Local DVD shops, which used to sell openly a good selection of the latest Hollywood releases for about 70p, now keep them in the back of the shop, and clients must ask to see them. They are displayed only in the evening, when the shopowners assume that the anti-counterfeit police will have finished their rounds.

    The US Motion Picture Association believes that 95 per cent of its members’ products were pirated in China at a cost to the industry of £160 million in 2004.

    Some say that counterfeiting is rife because China is a Confucian society, which holds imitation to be the sincerest form of flattery. But it offers an opportunity to turn a quick profit and, in a country where the rural daily wage is slightly more than 50p, there is little sympathy for the multinationals’ concerns about the devaluation of their products.

    There is growing concern, however, about the piracy of items such as medicines, baby formula and aircraft parts.

  48. Hello,

    I plan to go to beijing´s Silk Market and Shanghai´s Xiangyan Road Market in February.

    Do you know the opening time and if I may still find good copies of international clothing brands?

    Thank you

  49. i found this blog that led me to the market where I bought a northface jacket for 3 weeks ago.


    questions is, are there any similar shops for electronic goods around the same area? offering the same cheaper priced products? i’m looking to buy a laptop.

    thanks in advance…

  50. I understand the Xiangyan Road Market is closed, is this correct? And are there any other good places in Shanghai City to buy fake designer cloths?

  51. Apparently a recent survey by ACNielsen of on-line fashion consumers from around the world established that fashion brands Armani and Gucci are the most desired designer labels. The survey also reputedly established that one in three consumers would buy Armani or Gucci products if money was not an issue. Versace came in third in the survey. Clearly Italy remains synonymous with fashion.

    “Giorgio Armani and Gucci clearly understand that strong brands make for profitable businesses,” said Frank Martell, president and chief executive officer of ACNielsen Europe was quoted by Bloomberg saying. “They are not merely selling fashion, they are selling an image, something consumers are willing to pay a premium for.”

    The survey consisted of 21,000 consumers in 42 countries from Europe, Asia-Pacific, the United Arab Emirates and North and Latin America.

    Is this a surprise? Perhaps not, as Gucci, Armani and Versace are all well established in the “consciousness” of fashion consumers. In fact, if you were to ask a group of fashion consumers to quickly name three top designer brands then Gucci, Armani and Versace would mostly like be amongst the designer brands named – perhaps along with Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Moschino, all Italian brands.

    If Gucci, Armani and Versace are the most desired designer labels, that does not necessary mean they are also the most desired designer clothing? A great many fashion consumers when put on the spot will roll off a list of common designer labels but if they were to be presented with a group of garments side by side from a selection of different designers I wonder how many would then choose Gucci, Armani and Versace? If nothing else, this survey probably reveals some disturbing facts about consumer manipulation.

  52. Hi there,

    What’s the big deal about buying fake? It fits the purpose and, as said before, you don’t wanna know how much money the big brands are making, when they (try to) sell you the original, produced in China, in factories you don’t wanna work in for one single minute.

    Yes I agree, the only thing that should stop, is to sell a fake Cucci bag or Nike golf set with that name on it. The lookalike is fine with me, but put another name on it. The quality-price ratio is so much higher, than if you’re buying the “real”stuff”.

    So don’t shut these markets down, but grant the people their shopping paradise!

  53. Just came back to Italy form Shangai, I’ve had the greatest shopping experience of my entire life!!!

    No regret in buying Nikes at 10 € a pair!!! At least some of the money Nike gain using underage childern for work can go to people who needs money more than a multinational corporate….

    Shangai fake markets are the true answer to globalisation…

    Italian Government is really worried about fake markets, and fake goods, here in Italy you can be arrested and have to pay a high fine if caught buying a fake good in the street!!!

    They’re trying to restyle italian brands, but never thought about reducing prices????

    So if Chineses have profit in selling a pair of Nikes at 10 dollars/euros how much is the profit for Nike if you buy the same article in a licensed shop??? Way too much!!!

    Same can be said of a Prada bag…. bought one for 15 dollars, and if I had more time to bargain I could have taken It for even less.

    Believe me, I made a confrontation between the same pair of Nikes, one bought in Shangai, and the other bought in a Nike shop in Rome…. they are identical!!! so Nike go fuck off, you and your overpricing policy!! You and Prada, LV, Gucci, etc… etc… You’ll all be kicked by Chineses if you don’t reduce the price of your goods to something human and hones!


  54. I do not support piracy but I don’t quite agree to all those multinational co’s who say that they lose millions because of this market… Why?!

    Becoz the avg buyer in the Xiangyang market would only dream of buying the ‘original’ product on a high street… I wonder if the rich and famous would come and spend their fortunes here for these top brands to report lost revenues.

  55. Can you tell me where to find sailing clothing (Henri Lloyd, Heli Hansen, Gill, etc) in Shanghai? I am headed there for a few days. Thanks and very interesting blog – great tips and very helpful! :)

  56. Trying to contact Wang Wei of Xiangyang Fashion and Gift Market who sells clothing in xiang yun sha silk.

    Can anyone help me contact her


  57. Mr. Wang I have a few comments and a question, but one that is extremely important. Do you know of any manufacturies that distribute the close, so that I wont have to go through the middle man.

    For example I am a whole saler of shoes nike, bape, air force 1 ect. I want to go straight through the factory so I wont get charged these ridiculous prices.

    As for promoting piracy…..that’s a laugh to me. Why do you think brand name fashions like nike polo prada ect. have factories over seas and not in the US. It is becouse they want to exploit foreign countries for their cheap labor.

    What about sweat shops same scenerio cheap labor. So I think its right for foreign countries to gain from it in someway.

    I would like you to contact me privately about in factory knowledge you may have


    I need the hook up!!

  58. Just returned from Shanghai, and the best part of the city was the Xiangyang market of course! I don’t think buying knockoffs is a real problem. The real problem, as echoed by others on this blog, is that these multi-national companies are truly abusing the Chinese factory workers. Paying them very little and selling these Name brand products at ridiculously high prices. What a great business model for the greedy lil’ bastards. So I salute the sale of knockoffs!!! Chairman Mao wouldn’t be prouder right now.

  59. Hello

    What you sell to make trade with you. The last week has

    Shanghai and I bought two to you pair of nike I am Mr. Poblete of


    Thank you

  60. I just got back from Shanghai and Beijing (End of May early June 2006). Xian Yang market was still up and running!

    My only regret is that I didn’t buy more. If anyone here lives in Shanghai and is willing to shop and send me items please contact me. I could use a wallet or two.


  61. I think fake market is a good thing because everything is so expensive. First of all Nike hire cheap labor and that company sell a pair of from 100$ to 200$ and to produce those shoes the price is much lower. Same thing for Tommy Hilfiger, why should I pay a heavy price for t-shirt when I can get many for a cheaper price. What a rip-off.

  62. Gabe

    But you are also ripping-off the companies by buying all the fake stuff. that ends up being a two-way rip-off. In addition, your wife or gf would appreciate it more if you bought her the genuine and authentic stuff instead of all that fake stuff.

  63. Have heard around that Xian Yang market will be closing at the end of the month. Wondered if anyone has heard about where the majority of the vendors are moving to? I am going there in 2 weeks and hope to do some shopping.

  64. Just got back from Shanghai on 21 June 2006. Xiang Yang was running full force; what a pity it will be closed soon. It’s a fun place to browse through and overall is a vibrant corner of Shanghai. The quality of the goods at first inspection is really quite good. Will they last in the long run? Who knows? But at those prices one probably wouldn’t care too much. Having said that, my friend bought a North Face coat there and it’s served him well so far over 2 Canadian winters.

    While I can appreciate comments from those who frown upon the selling of these fake and perhaps not-so-fake goods, we should also remember that the pendulum swings an equal distance in the opposite direction. Companies are fully entitled to make profits, but one must look objectively at the level of profits. If these goods can be sold at these prices in Xiang Yang, is it really fair that they fetch the prices they do outside of the market? For example, selling a rip-off DVD for $1 is most certainly not fair. But selling that same DVD in a store for $30 is also arguably not fair (to the consumer).

    As for the actual closing of the market, it should be noted that pretty much everything available there is also available inside some people’s houses. These people tend to live in the immediate vicinity of Xiang Yang. If you go into their houses, then on the second and sometimes third floors will be a nicely kept room filled with all kinds of goods. It’s basically like you’re in a private shopping area where you are the only customer. If you have a good guide in Shanghai, he or she will know where to take you. Like the market, the prices start out high but you settle much lower. The house shopping is certainly not as fun as being in a lively market, but it accomplishes the same thing – decent quality “name brand” goods at very cheap prices.

  65. Went to Siang Yang Market yesterday, they are selling off the goods a lower than before price, clearing off excess luggage before they move to PuDong new “siangyang” market. Many are fixing their price and not bother to haggle just to clear their stock. Great for bargain now !!! 20 yuan for a belt, 30 yuan for a shirt or polo/burberry t-shirt, 85 for a pair of poor immitation of Nike

  66. Hi,

    I am going to Shanghai in September. I have been to the Xiangyang Market on an earlier visit and really enjoyed shopping there. Can you tell me where the vendors will be moving to? Also, are there an other markets similar to the Xiangyang Market in Singapore? I will be staying near Nanjing Rd./People’s Square.

    Thank you for a reply.

  67. No. there is nothing like Xiangyang market in Singapore. Singapore comes down hard on piracy and imitation goods. I assure you that most stuff you buy in Singapore are authentic. However, there may be some make-shift “shops” operating from the back of van. You are smarter than that…You know LV or Ralph Lauren don’t sell their items from a van or the boot of a car. These vehicles are usually Malaysia registered so that’s a hint for you. They drive into Singapore via Johor in the morning and are gone by night…

    If you are buying cosmetics or likes, then check the manufacturing dates. There is a budget frangrace house called Sasa that recently invaded the Singapore market, they are Hong Kong listed companies but trust me, they sell expired perfumes. Buy fragrances from the local department stores like Takashimaya or CK Tang. They ususally cost you an additional 10-20 bucks but its worth the money.

  68. can anyone tell me how i might go about getting a watch i saw on the front of my local newspaper that ran a special ed on the Xiangyang Market? i collect watches and want the one of Chairman Mao.

    thank you!

  69. Hi bot 15 pair of jordans from someone that lives there and i got ripped-off all the shoes come from the same market ant the jordans,nike air maxes where no good the website is http://www.nike-trading.com its a scame do not buy from them.AT ALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!thare shoes came from the same marke because i sent money too the adress on that same street….

    Rob C

  70. Can anyone say more precisely where the new Pudong replacement for Xiangyang market is? Is it open already? Thanks!


  71. Hi,

    I am going to Shanghai in this month(July) to do my shopping in Xiangyang Market, can anyone inform me if the market is officially closed and where is the market new location please.


  72. it is closed…i tried to go there last week and it was totally shut down. some of the entrances were blocked off by newly built brick walls already…

  73. please tell me where I can find fake goods now in shanghai, I’m travelling in two more days.

  74. Can someone please tell me where the “new Xiangyang market” is??? I’ve heard the Xiangyang market is closed – for good! I am travelling to PVG in a few days and would like to know where I can do some knock-off shopping?

  75. A good place to shop now is Shanghai Fengxiang Clothing Gift Plaza 580 Nanjing West Road.

    Three floors w/good prices, many similar vendor competing with cheap prices.

  76. I hear QiPu road is suppose to be the replacement for XY road market. But from what I know, it is a pifa market.

    Where is(are) the replacement markets for xy market? I am coming to shanghai next month and want to do buy some cheap fake goods.


  77. just go to xy market and follow the guys who will ask you if you want to buy some goods. (want dvd, watch bag,….)

    you have to visit some small shops in houses around the old market and i am sure that you will find some nice bags, watches and so on.

  78. I hear that don’t ever follow those guys.

    Its dangerous to go with them b/c you are totally out of control once inside their “warehouse”. All my relatives says DO NOT EVER go with those guys. Buy the stuff outside and ask them to take the items out and show you in the shops, but don’t go with them to see it. As a shanghainese, I actually talked to once of the shop managers. She says the same thing. At best, you get something crappy for a high price. At worst, you are forced/coerced to buy (like by showing you a knife they have in their waist or something.)

    Has anyone seen any goodies at QiPu road?

  79. Overheard the XY market is now officially closed, I guess the blackmarket outside the old market perimeter is still much alive! If anybody dare to venture into gangster’s territory, prepare yourself of the mishap! Good luck!

  80. @ alex

    hey, i’m still alive.

    i have seen a lot of houses from inside and never got any problem! just luck?

    I don’t think so! Anyhow good luck foe everybody.

  81. I have taken my daughter who is visiting from Perth to Qipu Lu on a couple of occasions. We found the building behind the main building with the streaming flags worth exploring, there are 3 floors crammed with stalls selling mainly branded clothes. Unfortunately, there isn’t much in fake Xiangyang style labels such as Gucci, Nike, etc. However we have found the real genuine stuff such as G Star clothes, Vivienne Westwood (a beautiful dress for 700rmb), branded denims jeans and lovely cotton blouses for the Japanese market. Problems are their sizes are very small and will not suit caucasian sizes and there isn’t much room for bargaining. We still rate their prices as very cheap. Another place worth going to is the Fabric Market which has moved to 399 Lujiabang Lu (stop at the KFC/Trust Mart building and walk up a bit then turn left at the traffic light) – we got several shirts, suits and dresses tailored. Very reasonable prices and good range of materials. Long sleeved shirts were 60rmb incl materials and worksmanship. Men’s suits cost 350rmb.

  82. Hi,

    I am visiting Shanghai next week on a shopping spree. Could anyone suggest some good shopping areas. Heard that XiangYang mkt has shut down :-(

    Thanks, C

  83. can i buy counterfiet clothing here ,plus can i order it online to be delivered to the uk thanks

  84. The new XY market for knockoffs is located in pudong at the underground station- science and technology museum- the stop is on metro line 2. Not as big as the old

    XY but has all the goods you are looking for. It is underground next to the metro entrance. You will not see it if you are above ground.

  85. Hi guys.

    Was in Shanghai from Sept 17 to Sept 25 for a conference.

    XIangYang Market is definitely in Science and Technology Museum MRT’s basement. Take Line 2.

    It is a huge underground with lotsa of 100 diff shops. There are difference entrance from the above.

    If u take the wrong staircase, you will end up with the basement with the lesser shops.

    So roam around – if you have to cross the underpass, to get to the rite fake shops.

    It took me the next day, to discover the other 100s plus shops.

    LV start at 350RMB and you can get as low as 100 to 150RMB, depending their mood and how desperate they want to sell.

    Oh and the sellers hate kids! My 4 years old was tugging me to leave the shop, and guess rite! THEY SHOUTED AND SCOLDED MY KID A FEW TIMES!

    It is okay to follow the RUNNERS here to buy fakes, as they only bring you to the shop.

    But if you are out in the open street, say NANJING ROAD, that’s actually happened to us.


    The runner is so polite and gentleman. It can be a lady too.

    We did, but managed to back out, as outside the shophouses was 5 men standing at the entrance. We were really quick to back off a few metres away as my kid was crying to go home!

    Besides the fake goods, there is the MAGLEV Train to ride, the JianMao Tower – see the whole of Shanghai, and the scary speeding taxi ride. The MRT train is the very best!

    For loose change, at the airport, upon arrival, there is 7-11 alike at the airport.

    Buy a bottle of Coke or whatever and pay 100RMB and you will have your loose change before the CASHIER yelled at you.

    It is so normal to be sweared and curse.

    BESIDE THE FAKED GOODS, the only real thing – is the good time you have.

    We hope to return to Shanghai soon.

    Posted by: BABE on October 1, 2006 04:34 PM

  86. Hi,

    I am going to Shanghai in this month(October 2006) to do my shopping in Xiangyang Market, can anyone inform me if the market is officially closed and where is the market new location please.



  87. It is closed. 100% confirmed.

    As many people mentioned, the market under the Science and Technology Museum (Metro Line #2) is the best know replacement for the market. It is still not half of the level of the Xiangyang market yet, but it is the leading one.

    Interestingly, they changed their name to “Xinyang Marketing”, which may mean “New Xiang Yang Marketing”

  88. Xinyang Marketing opens everyday, but not 24 hours. Something like 9:30 – 22:00, but I don’t know exact time. It is the common range of business hours.

  89. guys…thanks a lot..u made my day…

    it’s very easy actually to go there…just take the line 2 metro heading to pudong…u will find signs to shanghai science and technology center…just go upstairs u will find them calling 4 u actually

    imagine…i saw an oakley sunglasses and the guy started with 350 rmb and i bought it for 50 rmb!!!

    it’s really awesome….i searched almost every shopping mall in shanghai but these one is the cheapest and alot of brands…

    have fun


  90. Hi, I am from Bhutan. I am looking for cheap hotel in near xiangyang market in first week of December. Please recommend and also for the shipping agent from Shanghai to India.

    thank you,


  91. hi sonam

    for the hotel u can check chinahotels.net

    their rates are very good and they are very perofessional and frindley staff

    but it’s not neccessary to stay in pudong area ..as i told u…it’s very easy to go there via the line 2 metro

    u can stay near people’s square or nanjing road…u will find a lot of good cheap hotels…around 200-300 rmb per night

    have fun


  92. Hi YUNINHO, je parle francais aussi, je voudrais savoir ton email addresse, je veux savoir si vous pouvez m’aider a acheter les chaussures et sacs en Chine. Comment est-ce je peux vous contacter ?

  93. hallo.. now i’m in shangai… can you explaning me where i can buy a good “rollex” thanks

  94. hey Giuliano,

    If you want to buy a watch, i’ll advice you to go to n.588 nanjing lu. It is a shopping mall, if you ask around they all have a “smaller shop” behind their main shop with all kind of stuff. If you go there by metro, you’ve got to take line two and stop either at People’s Square or at Shimen N.1 (I think it is Nanjing W. Rd now).

    Have fun and don’t forget to bargain a lot you could get a good quality one for 100 kuai if you’re good.


  95. I’ve been to the Tao Bao market at 580 (or is it 588) Nanjing Lu and it’s a much neater version of the old Xiang Yang market. However, I’ve noticed it’s a little harder to bargain down to the prices I used to get at Xiang Yang market! Also, my friends used to buy a lot of 10rmb branded ties from Xiang Yang market but now the 10rmb ones are the much cheaper non-branded ones. If you want the branded ones, you have to specifically ask for them (and they’ll take them out of the secret stash) and they’re more expensive. Having said that, there was the one store there who was willing to sell some cool Paul Smith ties that were displayed for 10rmb after bargaining.

    I haven’t been to the market at the Science and Technology museum yet. Has anyone been to both? Are they very similar? Cos I’m needing a set of ski jacket and pants for back home and was wondering whether I should also check out the market at Science and Technology museum. For the North Face brands, what would I expect to pay for a set?

    Also, I’m trying to look for a very thin waterproof raincoat (unlike the thick goretex ski stuff they have at the markets) and I can’t seem to find it anywhere without expecting to pay at least 900rmb for the branded stuff – does anyone have any ideas?

  96. Thank you to everybody and first of all to you Mr. Wang Jian Shuo!!!

    I was just looking, on the web, for the new location of the Xiang Yang Market in Pudong area since I live in Pucheng road.

    Tomorrow morning, Nov.26th, I’m going there to get some new stuff for the coming winter.

    I’ll post my impressions after I come back.

    All the best,


  97. Hi everybody,

    as planned yesterday night, thanks to your information about the location, this morning i went to the xin yang market.

    I took the subway line #2 and I got out at the “science and technology museum” (from my home are just two stops).

    Out from the train I went up one floor by the escalator, I went through the metro exit gate (the one you use the Shanghai transportation card or the ticket to get out), as soon as I passed the gate, two men and a women approached me saying bags, rolex, shoes……… then i thought ” hehehe, ok, here I am as in the old xiang yang market”.

    It took me few second, after a quick look around me, to find out an open gate and on the top of it a decorated description in English “Welcome to Xin Yang Market”.

    I avoided the people approaching me asking to follow them, some of them told me “today the market is closed, i get you to some shop outside………..” i certainly denied the invitation and went straight into the market………

    Surprise of the surprises, the market is worderful (at least for me) the environment is really new, clean, attractive, air-conditioned, the shops are well located and the goods are kept in good order, easy to see from outside through the glasses what’s the stuff they sell inside each shop.

    Not many people there, compared to the crowded “xiang yang”, and few tourists around. Just walking along the several corridors the sellers, sitting in front of their shops, nicely invited me to watch their stuff, no one came close grabbing my arm and forcing me to look at their products. This is very important for me!!!

    I needed a pair of shoes and I went to the shop B1-17, the first on my way. I got in and the seller, a nice young girl from Chongqin (Anhui) that i already knew from the old Xiang Yang (her name is Bin Bin), with her usual smile, invited me to avoid the “brand name” fake shoes like Timberland or Hugo Boss, she let me try a pair of shoes made in China (the brand name is Baseman) and since they fit very well my feet size 46, i bought them for 150RMB plus 8 pairs of winter socks. Totally the shoes plus the socks was 200RMB. I didn’t spend much time in bargaining, probably because she knew me!!!

    Then I needed some sport clothes for jogging under the rain. Just passing by, I stopped to the shop B1-20 owned by Mr.Wang Cheng, after few minutes of negotiation I got one complete set Nike (jacket + pants) for 100RMB. I’m 187cm tall and 105Kg but, they had my size XXXL :-).

    My old wallet purchased two years ago at the “Xiang Yang market” was a little broken so, I stopped at the shop A2-17 and Sophie, a young good English speaking girl sold me two leather wallets, one for only cards and one for banknotes and coins, for totally 80RMB. She has two different qualities of wallets the one on show are made by plastic but, from some hidden compartmet she took off the one I bought. I spent 10 minutes to cut down the total price from 350RMB.

    Then my last purchase. I needed a bag for my laptop. The one I have (real) is too good to be used in dirty environments where i work everyday like local factories with machines, oil, grease and coolants so, I was looking for a bag “Swiss brand” (the one with the red cross). I saw several fakes around and the quality compared to the price was not good enough. I wanted one with the wheels in order to get a lot of stuff with my PC and avoid to carry the load by hands. I stopped at the shop A2-06, I saw the one I was looking for and the old lady there asked 850RMB for it. Too high, I can’t spend so much for a bag even it is nice and good quality. Took me 20 minutes to get down to 400RMB but not less. I believed it was still high so, i went away looking for the same bag at a cheaper price.

    I went through all the shops selling bags, just few of them had the same quality one and the price was not lower than 500RMB. After one hour and half I came back to the shop A2-06 and I got my new PC bag for 400RMB.

    From there I got the subway entrance, I went down one floor with all purchased stuff in my new bag and got the first train back home.

    This is my experience for today, I didn’t mean to advertise or to jeopardise any the shops there, I just wanted to share my impressions and feelings hoping this could help any of you in your next shopping time at the Xin Yang market.

    All the best,


  98. Hi,

    do you know where I can buy good cachemere sweater in Shanghai or Beijing?

    Can I find it in xin yang market?

    I mean good cachemere and good price.

    Thank you


  99. Quality cashmere with good price at XinYang market?

    Cashmere wool produced in China are usually all scoop up by the European and Japanese buyers.

    You be lucky if you can find “cashmere sweater” in Xinyang are actually made from lamb wool, if not, synthetic yarn.

  100. Thank you.

    Is there some place to buy real cashmere wool?

    I read in many travel info cashmere wool is cheap in China and I think is also real cashmere wool in some place but where?

    I’m going to Beijing and Shanghai in April.



  101. Over 70% of world raw cashmere and yarn are produced in China, but the dyeing technique are in the hands of Italy and Britain, so for most of the quality cashmere piece goods, China has to import from abroad, so it is not going to be cheap.

    Cashmere clothing is light weight, warm and soft, but has drawbacks, it produced too much static and poor resiliency.

    If you really determine to have a cashmere knitwear, get one at Oxford St. or Regent St. at London UK. who has the best price, style, selection and quality.

  102. Thank you for info.

    I’m from Italy and here cashmere is expensive so I hope to try something cheap in Shanghai or Beijing. I’m going to Shanghai and Beijing not to buy cashmere but to holyday. So if I find cheap and good cashmere….better

  103. Hi

    My sister is going to Shanghai in the next few weeks and I would like her to buy me a Chloe handbag – good copy is all I want. where is the best place for her to look. She only has one day(Sunday) to shop.

  104. Hi

    Im going to shangai in June and I would like to buy a good handbag – good copy. where is the best place ?

    The Xing Yang Market is good?

    Thank you Cristina

  105. Hi I will be going to shanghai in september. What is the weather like then. Also, where can l shop for good “fake” or replica lovely bags. Preferably the factories.



  106. Hi I am from Venezuela, I am going to China in July for Holidays but i Want to see the bussiness posibilities, i want to import to my country may be Nike things. Where can i find the real factories? Legal deals?

  107. I am trying to find a legitimate supplier who I can buy goods from and have them shipped to the U.S. to me. I am interested in Nike Jordans, and other urban clothing. I am looking for a partner who can get me this stuff cheap, and keep it coming. If you are interested please email wow_mage2007@yahoo.com

  108. hi! im here right now at ramada plaza. im planning to go to xiang yang market. but i dont know how. can u teach me how 2 go there. tnx

  109. Hi eric, i just copied and paste here part of the above message i sent about this topic on november 25th, 2006.

    Nice shopping, Arthid.

    I took the subway line #2 and I got out at the “science and technology museum” (from my home are just two stops).

    Out from the train I went up one floor by the escalator, I went through the metro exit gate (the one you use the Shanghai transportation card or the ticket to get out), as soon as I passed the gate, two men and a women approached me saying bags, rolex, shoes……… then i thought ” hehehe, ok, here I am as in the old xiang yang market”.

  110. I’l b in shanghai for a week n plan to do a lot of shopping. Where can I shop for ladies formal or evening dresses?

  111. Hello , is ther any changes at Xingyang market, I saw last entry from July last Year..

  112. hiiiiiiiiii

    i m from india.

    i m coming toshanghai in next week.

    I would like to buy trekking material like bagpacks,sleeping bags,tents,and many other items.

    (preferably North Face)

    Pls suggest whr i can buy good quality stuff in resonable price.


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