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My article Webcam+Windows Media+GPRS+SmartPhone=? was kindly quoted by Scoble on his Scobleizer. Then the page is quoted at SmartPhoneThoughts. David commented “Pure geek happiness”. Exactly! It is pure geek happiness. I saw someone quote it as “High Tech Mirror”. Haha. Come on. Do you think I took all the trouble, configured all the software and paid for GPRS just to use it as a mirror? LOL. Only geeks understand the happiness to such kind of mirror.

Other sites quoting this “high tech mirror”: MS Mobile News

Actually, Phillip is the real geek (via Scobleizer). What he did is really amazing. He had a geek gym with Xbox Live and Tablet PC (WIFI enabled). He has a wireless orb device that will change colors based on data sources on the web. He took as many as 1066 photos in his 21 days trip to Asia – “while i was traveling in Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo, i decided to take a photo of what i was doing, every 30 minutes, for 24 hours, 7 days a week for 21 days in a row. after 3 weeks, i ended up with over 1,066 photos.” He also took 109 photos of every type of creature in the fish market. When he was in Shanghai, he could use any web browser to control his robot in U.S and bring back pictures (several frames per second). This is what I dreamed about for a long time. I just didn’t found a good solution to convert hits on webpage to electronic signals so I can control toys. He has so many eye attracting pictures on his website. Just go ahead to have a look. The Great Firewall went crazy again and his great site is blocked in China too. I can only visit it using the public proxy.

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