At the Age of 27

There is not much change in my life recently. The weather is still cold and became colder these days. It seems the cold weather has frozen my life too. I no longer think about going out and won’t do crazy things like cycling to Taihu or visiting a degree confluence point. The city life is the same – wake up, rush to crowded metro, step into office and sit down. The world is as small as a computer screen. The connection to the out side world are two lines – one network cable and one telephone line. Friends become smiley faces in my MSN Messenger. A dinner at a hot pot restaurant is not expensive and can always please two of us. :-) Life at the age of 27 is not as exciting as that in younger ages. — I still remember a dinner at KFC needed two weeks’ planning when I was in university. Now KFC has became the last place I will go for dinner. That is progress. That is also the lose of fun.

9 thoughts on “At the Age of 27

  1. There has several ways to discover new funs in your life, send flower to your wife as unexpected, chatting with young buddies, etc.

  2. remember u’ve done a great job here,at your age 26

    and being 27 is just at the beginning,,,

  3. Xiao Wang :

    The other day, an American CEO who has 2 years experience in Shanghai showing up in an Japanese TV interview program, talked about his image of your Chinese, saying, they are so impressive to me, bright, ambisious, energetic, long-sight, and most of youth can speak English very well, even haven’t any experience learning oversea. When I heard that, I felt my face flushed because I am far from fit in that image, but at the same time I was proud of something, because you came across my mind, yes, Xiao Wang! you just an best examle to his description, an incredible sample of our young Shanghainese, young Chinese.

  4. yeap,I am 29 this year and life has changed a lot. I quit my job and spend all my savings to study here in Australia just for a change. I like it! Very much so!

  5. Access your web site from,when I am feel free,I always come here to read your essaies.

    I lived in shanghai from 1998 to 2003,for some reasons I have to leave Shanghai to Beijing,but I was attracted by Shanghai.Shanghai is really a wonderful city!

    From your essaies,I knew what happened in Shanghai. Thank you!

    I hope that can read more about you and Shanghai from your website!

  6. Hi Wang,

    Nice to find your webside. I love it. Thank you for bringing people so much fun and thoughts.

    I am also 27 now but running a very different life from you. 27-year-old for a Chinese girl may mean starting her own family or,at lease, living a fixed life, but I am still traveling: one year in Shanghai, one year in Shenzhen together with some short private visit to other mainland cities\Germany\Australia and Hong Kong. Then I will be back to Shanghai again. Even though, Shanghai is still not the last place for me to settle down, I am quite sure. Therefore I dont have some long turn relation with people or companies. I dont have a nice place to stay in or cant raise a cat as I wish since I dont know when I will move again. You, just a few months older than me, have already worked for a company for 5 years, have a wife after dating for several years and have been running this blog for over two years. I cant imagine I would do the same thing as you.

    I am not saying what is better or worse, good or wrong. Just mean that life can be so different. What am I looking for? Maybe a sort of intensive experience to life and the world.

    Anyway, wish you all the best–too late to say happy birthday. ;-)


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