13 thoughts on “Got Flu and Went to Hospital

  1. I believe you two will recover soon. Just try to push the bad air out of body and take in the fresh one.

    Cheer up !

  2. I’m sending “Chicken Soup Hugs” in your direction! Hope it passes quickly and that you are both on the mend very soon. I guess it’s better for both of you to be miserable at the same time and get it over with, but too bad that neither of you feels like taking care of the other one. They say that “misery loves company”, but in the case of the flu, I’m not so sure.

  3. Hope you two get well soon. Please stay away from computers for a while – the rest will do wonders to your health. :P

  4. Dear Wang Jian Shuo,

    Do you know of any excellent hospitals with oncologists because my boyfriend has been diagnosed with brain tumor in the United States and we are now living in Shanghai. We would like to continue our lifestyle here, please let me know if you have any information.



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