My Speech and Training Record

By the year end, I summarized some kep speeches and training I have delivered in the last three years, just as I did in Jan last year. I never been a full time trainer, but my passion for training is always there.


Date			Speech Title

Event or audience


August 10, 2000		BizTalk Server in .COM Ages

China CEO/CIO Summit

September 19, 2000	BizTalk - Beyond the Limitation of Enterprise Application

Microsoft .NET Launch (1500+ attendants)

September 28, 2000	Microsoft BizTalk Integration Practices

China CEO/CIO Summit (CIOs from Sina, Sohu?

September 7, 2000	Microsoft BizTalk Preview

Microsoft TechEd. Shanghai (400+ attendants)

October 11, 2000	Achieving Highest Availability with Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft/Intel Banner Exchange Conference (250+ attendants)

November 26, 2000	BizTalk Architecture and ebXML

National Standard Committee Conference on eCommerce

November 28, 2000	Developing BizTalk Solutions

DevDays, Shanghai (300+ attendants)

November 11, 2000	Logistic and eCommerce

PGL Logistic Technology and Management Conference

December 8, 2000	Next Generation Internet

Microsoft/Intel Banner Exchange Conference (250+ attendants)

June 1, 2001		Microsoft .NET

Intel APAC Summit (Internal Event) (Intel's key IT staff in APAC region)

October 30, 2001	Microsoft .NET Scenarios

Siemens Global IT Summit

April 22, 2002		Understanding .NET (General Session) EN

Microsoft Asia MVP Summit (200 attendants from around Asia)

December 5, 2002	Designing for Usability

Microsoft Developer Community Summit

Microsoft University Relationship Program

December 8, 2000	Microsoft .NET in Universities

Shanghai Tong Ji University

April 19, 2001		XML - The Corner Stone of Next Generation of Internet

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Min Hang Campus

April 24, 2001		The Road to eCommerce

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Min Hang Campus

April 25, 2001		Microsoft .NET and Its Components

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Min Hang Campus

May 11, 2001		Secrets of Microsoft's Success

Shanghai Jiao Tong Unv. / East China Normal Univ.

June 6, 2001		Microsoft .NET Framework Startup Camp

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Xu Hui Campus

Enterprise Customer Training

December 1, 2000	Microsoft .NET, SOAP and Web Services EN

Microsoft Premier Customers ( from Thailand/Singapore/India)

September 22, 2000	Microsoft .NET Overview

Siemens (China)

Octomber 12, 2000	BizTalk

Guangzhou Sigma Software Co.

April 2, 2001		Enabling Smoother B2B Transaction with BizTalk


May 5, 2002		Microsoft Development Team Practices

Shanghai Shock Exchange

Internal Training

July 4, 2003		XML for Support Engineers

Windows Online Support Team, GTEC, Microsoft

April 1, 2001		Learning XML via Demos

Service Camp 2001, GTEC, Microsoft

August 8, 2000		What A Support Engineer Needs to Know about XML

Office Online Support Division, GTEC, Microsoft

April 25, 2000		XML in Depth

ME Charlie Team, GTEC, Microsoft

May 31, 2001		XML for Non-Technical People EN

Communication Specialists Technical Education, GTEC

Jun 28, 200		BizTalk Training

Microsoft (China) Sales and Marketing Team Training

September 22, 2000	Jswang's Perspective on Microsoft .NET EN

Company-Wide Tech Talk, GTEC, Microsoft

November 1, 2001	Microsoft .NET

Microsoft Service Camp XP (Best Trainer Award)

November 1, 2001	The Minimums you Need to Know about Microsoft .NET

Wicresoft New Hire Training

July 10, 2003		Microsoft .NET ?What the Video is Talking About

Microsoft Technical Festival, WOD, GTEC

October 13, 2000	SOAP and BizTalk Overview

Guangzhou Office, Microsfot(China)

Support Services Operation

December 19, 2001	Microsoft Call Center Operation


April 15, 2003		Understanding Customer Service

Wicresoft ESS Camp III

December 9, 2003	Processes, Metrics and Best Practices Behind GTEC Operation

Guangzhou Unicom

Presentation and Training Skills

October 21, 2002 	Facilitating Interactive Workshop

GTEC, Microsoft

March 1, 2003		Facilitating Interactive Workshop


July 30, 2002		Presentation Skills

Orchestra Camp, GTEC, Microsoft

Development Management Training

Microsoft Development Management Training, covering the team model,

bugs tracking, source control, team coding facilities, and culture building.

Sept 28 - 29, 2001	Guangzhou, Guangzhou

December 3 ?6, 2001	Changsha, Hunan

January 30, 2002	Nanjing, Jiangsu

May 22 ?26, 2002	Wuhan, Hubei

July 6 ?10, 2002	Suzhou, Jiangsu

August 22, 2002		Suzhou, Jiangsu

Sept 24 ?28, 2002	Chengdu, Sichuan

January 21 ?22, 2003	Shanghai

I tried very hard not to mix the professional life and the personal life in this blog. I avoided posting anything related to my employer or the job I am doing.

This post is an exception. Why? I justed joined the network per Isaac‘s (Chinese site) invitation. It is a good professional network focusing on business and employeement opportunities. ThenI begin to build up my profile (requires free membership to view). I also invited some of my best friends and asked them to give me endoresement on the position I have ever been. Among them, I listed Speaker and Trainer as a position. To make sure I have evidence that I was qualified for this position, I took about one hour to create a summary of major events I spoke or training I facilicated. The result is amazing. I’d like to share how frequently I attended all kinds of events in the last three years.

Oh. I also listed another funny position – Founder and Major Contributor of Haha. If you’d like help to endorse my work on this site, please also join the and add me as your connection. My display name at is Jian Shuo Wang.

5 thoughts on “My Speech and Training Record

  1. Jianshuo:

    This could be an impressive part of your resume. Headhunters will definitely notice this :-)

    Happy New Year.

  2. Wow! From reading your blog entries I had no idea you’ve done so many great things. I really admire your ability to speak in front of large groups in a foreign language, I only wish that I could one day be able to deliver a great speech in my own language, let alone a second language.

    Wishing you best of luck and continued success in the New Year!!

  3. Hi Jianshuo:

    Impressive speech and training record.

    Im just curious what made you decide to return to Shanghai

    in the nineties as I could not find that information on your website…

    im currently doing my masters… in the future,

    i’d also want to relocate to shanghai if an opportunity arises.

    Philip Liu

  4. Jian Shuo Wang,

    You can call me “Dee”. I am Shanghainese. Hope you don’t have anything against Shanghai folks, if so don’t fit me into any of those stereotypes.

    I am a member of linkedIn now. I’d like to invite you, but don’t know your email address. I am wondering whether you are able to send it to me to my email.

    It was an accident I clicked on your website. Believe it or not, I got pulled in by you and your wife’s happy story. In some ways, I found our stories are a bit alike.

    My finance is from Boston, and we met in Paris. Now both of us ended up in Shanghai, actually we’ve been back here for 2 years. We’ve been talking about setting up our own website for a while now. We are working on it. Wonder if you and your wife can give us some suggestion. He’s a teacher, taught internationally for over 10 years. I majored in computer science in Paris, and was just called by a third party human resource agent for an interview of Microsoft at the mid of Jan 2004. I know both of you works for microsoft.

    I read your wife’s small paragraph concerning Paris. It triggered my memory. Three years studying there has changed my life. Then my finace was the managing director of the American Liberay of Paris. I was a student of the American University of Paris across the block. We met in his libary.

    That was really one of those romantic times. I don’t know whether you went to Europe with your wife or not, my experience tells two is definitely better than one in Europe, especially Paris. If not, next time go together with her, and you will help her to make up more than just Centre de la Pompiteau , and Monne.

    I found the forum on your website concerning Shanghai interesting. Though born in Shanghai, often I found my opinion of Shanghai is sentimentally biased. So to be able to hear the voices on the other side of the world discussing about my child city gives me another perspective.

    I hope some of my innuendals on the comment of your website didn’t offend you. Just jokes.

    Best to both of you. Keep connected.


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