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Wendy has setup her blog. It is in Chinese.


Wendy loves to describe the lovely and good things in life. This is the advertisement for her to show my support. Now, all members in my small family (two persons) have blogs.

Wendy hosted her blog at Run2me.com. It is powered by Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. I did complain that she didn’t host her blog on my site, but she has her choice. :-)

Anyone unaware of who Wendy is? She is my wife.

Christmas is Coming

There is only about two weeks to Christmas. I have decorated my blog a little bit to reflect the happy seasons. You may have seen the little golden bell on the right-top corner, the small snow field icon at the footer. I promise on the day of Christmas, the homepage of this website will begin to snow. Yes. Wait for to see it. I just cannot wait till Dec 25 to put the lovely little decors on. The Christmas in America and Europe must be splendid – Wendy told me that shops in Munich have been decorated for the holiday already. So does the oriental city Shanghai. Big Christmas trees appeared before our office building and the silver flowers are shining on the top of the elevators.

Update Wendy’s blog Moved December 28, 2003

I am happy that Wendy finally moved her blog to my server. Her new blog is at http://home.wangjianshuo.com/fanfan. It happened after I managed to fix the Chinese display problem of MovableType. Wendy started her first part of a short novel today. I doubt whether she will complete the whole novel though. :-D

10 thoughts on “Wendy’s Blog

  1. Well, that settles it. I am going to have to learn Chinese! Please give Wendy my congratulations on becoming a blogger. I hoped I could figure out how to say that to her myself on her site, but the way it displays on my screen does not even give me a clue as to where to post a comment. I really liked the “Google” results you made for her link in your post today, Jian Shuo. She’s a lucky girl to have found such a great guy for a husband!

  2. Carroll, I will forward your congratulations to Wendy. The interface and the content are all Chinese. :-) Actually, it didn’t support a public comment system. Only registered author can post comment there. Luck is mine actually. If you can read Chinese, you will find how interesting her article is. However, I don’t expect her to write as frequently and as long as I did. :-D

    Hailey, she is surely a very talented person – at least much more talented than me. :-D

  3. OK, let me put in a little more flame here by interpreting Wendy’s top line on her homepage, ” If you love one man right, everyday is Valentine’s day. ” How romantic it is !

  4. Run Wendy Run(to everyone)…With your B-log and your solid connection(s) , I am sure her blog will take off spreading around real fast. At a contaciously breathtaking speed, sort like bird flu, “little starling, fly fly fly…” or even better mad cow, moo moo… We will love to keep up with both of your B-logs, ’cause your B-log is her B-log and her B-log is your B-log. I think so.

    As to whatever disease, my suggestion is go with the flow, fly with it. That’s the best thing. Keep lovely Wendy’s “If you love one man right, everyday is Valentine’s day” in mind, it’s a beautiful day. However, do stay away from Wendy’s for now. No pun inteneded.(I don’t believe there’s Wendy’s in Shanghai though, is there?)…Never mind KFC, Mcdonald’s then.

    Sorry, first thing’s last. This is my first time I came across your website. I like it very much. Both of you got really huge talents. It’s not whose blog’s gonna come on top of whom, but the idea is to run and come together at the end is the best thing. This is the second article I put on. I will drop by sometimes again.

    Congradulations to your lovely wife’s new B-log. The tone is relaxing and thought provoking the same time. Happy 2004…


  5. hi! i’m Lee now i live in Thailand but next month i will go to Hangzhou for study. But now not direct flights to there so i want to know what’s time earlies from Shanghai to Hangzhou? Please update to me.

    你好! 我叫林小丽。 下个月要去杭州留学了,可不知道现在从上海到杭州最早的公共汽车几点出发? 请告诉我一下 太谢谢你了。

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