Media – Should I Love It or Hate It?

Today, I talked with the journalist from the People’s Daily about her new book about Microsoft. Very good person and very good book too. She also let me reviewed the section about my story. I always admire people who can devote him/herself to something consistantly, especially something like “writing”. I was told that I am the first read of the book. Will it be another best selling book? Not sure.

I have some media touch. I was personally interviewed (the kind of 1:1 interview) by Forbes, YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company), Strait Times (on SARS), and Oriental TV (on the traffic status in Shanghai..) I don’t trust media too much since just like the Muzimei’s blog, something that is not a big deal will cause many problem, not only to the persons involved, but also to many other people (for example, the children who search for the term of Muzimei)… That is bad.

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